Sunday, February 16, 2020

CAL Progress

I have been diligently working on my Dahlia Blanket each day.  Either at work on lunch or mostly at home at night watching TV.  I'm about to start part 3 of the Crochet A Long with the pinks.
I am usually a worsted yarn weight gal but this kit came with DK Double Knit yarns.  I am finding it
works up nice and doesn't make the blanket as heavy as using worsted. 

And with Valentine's this week I took a quick night off and completed this ruffle heart from
Lulu Loves Crochet Blog. It works up quickly and completed in one evening.

My buddy here has been laying on my original ripple blanket that was our past cat's favourite as I've been working on the Dahlia blanket.  Cats can't get enough cozy time.

Last weekend I wanted to do some sewing as I've had charm packs of this material from Sewing Parts Online, Moda's Harvest Road collection. I used a whole charm pack for this quilt top.  I have another pack and deciding if I should make this larger or not. 

And I whipped up a quick cushion for the cats.

Happy Valentines Weekend All!

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Crochet Goodness

When I first got really into crocheting and knitting about 10 years ago looking back at blog post, Attic 24 blog was a big inspiration for my creative crafty side. I've followed Lucy's blog since as many of you I'm sure follow as well.  She always comes up with wonderful color combinations for her projects and famous blankets.  Every years she's published a Crochet A Long CAL that I've always wanted to try and never have.  This year, her colorful Dahlia Blanket CAL was an instant draw to the colors she chose for this blanket inspired by the flowers. Last weekend I just ordered the Dahlia yarn kit from the Wool Warehouse.  I was surprised how fast it arrived in Canada from the UK.  Opening and drooling over the colorful goodness made my day. 

I made the sample on a card to keep track of the colors. I chose her colorwash version of the blanket as I love the blend of the colors together rather than the random strip version.  It's a nice easy pattern that I can do in the evening watching TV.

Last weekend I made a few more of these blocks. 

And here and there I pick these up in the evenings as well.  English Paper Piecing these together for 
who knows what the finished product will be.  I thought they we be nice from charm pack I got.

I got my babies a new toy, motorized butterfly they love to swat at.

We've now had this sweet guy for 4 years now.  When we caught him he was just over a year old.
Shy, cautious but such a sweet kind soul.  He's still cautious but loves his brothers and sister and 
loves to give them licks.  I'm happy they all get along so well.

And this guy, our second stray is the most loving, snuggly, always happy cat. 
His tail is always up and loves to play all the time. 

Happy weekend all!

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Holiday Fly By

Late Christmas and New Years greetings.  It came and went like a flash it seems.  I've mostly just enjoyed extra time off work, relaxing at home.  My ripple blanket is nearly done.  I've just been adding border rows while watching TV.

I made this mini Christmas stocking.

As for sewing, I've made myself a Christmas cushion using panel fabrics.

Honey and I went to our winter Bright Lights display.  It was really nice as they added more
lighting and displays but too bad we didn't have any snow for it this year.

Christmas time I love to do a puzzle during time off.  I found this cute one from Bits and Pieces.
They have unique gift ideas and always a great selection of puzzles. When I saw this one with sewing machine, quilt and the cat I had to get it.

And as always I couldn't resist dressing up the kitties for Christmas pix.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.  Happy 2020!

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Christmas Vibes

I received a request to make a Yip Yip from Seasame Street.  The pattern was easy to follow and completed it within a week.  My co-worker is giving it to her friend for Christmas, inside joke.

I got a few more Christmas fabrics to get into the sewing spirit. 

I finished a place mat set made for a Christmas gift. I paper pieced the hexagons then put on the red quilting background with green binding.

I also almost have my table running started last year completed with binding.  

And of course my fur babies dressed up.

Happy Weekend!

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Countdown for Crafting

Most of us crafters love to make things for Christmas gifts.
When do you usually start gift/christmas crafting?  I think the end of October is a good 
time depending on how many people you have to make things for.

I've been working on various projects. I started on some English Paper
Piecing, first pic from a charm pack I got on sale. These are one inch hexies.

And these two inch hexies for some Christmas projects. 

I had some scrap triangles from cutting the hexies so I whipped up this little mug rug.

This patchwork I started a while back and today just decided to do something with it 
and make it into a zip pouch.  There's nothing like stash busting.

I completed this snowflake crochet cushion for a fundraiser at work.

I was quite proud how it turned out and someone from my office did end up 
winning it. 

And of course a few pics of the fur kids.

Happy Weekend All!!!

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Finishing Projects

As much as I love starting new projects it's always full filling to finish them.  I've wanted to make these snowflake squares for years.  I only made four but they are joined and almost finished the front of a cushion cover.  

And speaking of finishing, I've finished my quilt I started in June.  Binding process finished
yesterday with ample binding left over.  I'm happy with how it turned out.  

 I made this for our niece in mind, I'm sure she'll love the colors.

Last weekend I made my first fabric pumpkin. 

Fall is here and I love watching the changes in the trees. Here are a few of my
faves from our neighborhood. Both now are nearly all red leaves.

My girl covered with mini crochet blanket.

Happy Sunday!!!