Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Blurred Times

I am currently distracting myself while hubby is in surgery for gallbladder.  I know it's a common procedure now but this is the first surgery between us. You know you're getting older when you are having to get surgeries.  I still have mostly been painting with some crochet in the evenings while we watch TV.

Since January here are some of my paintings.

And my first two commision pieces.

A goauche piece.

And a piece eagerly awaiting spring.

And for some crochet I randomly pick up.

And some random stripes to use up some of my cotton yars.

Tried this paw pattern from Repeat Crafter Me. Too cute.

And my buddy likes to snuggle on couch with me on my Dahlia blanket.

Stay safe everyone!


Saturday, January 16, 2021

Days Are A Blur


It's been a while since I've blogged.  The days just go by so fast for working from home and going nowhere but the grocery store.  Late 2020 I've mostly painted in my spare time.  I made all my Christmas cards this year.  Here are a few.  Some I mounted to red cardstock.

I made a few mini paintings for ornament frames.

I did a paint party on Facebook like for this Gnome.

Another paint party for this Owl.  I love owls and gnomes.

I tried out a new stich in crochet. Alpine stitch by @naztazia.

I made this had and scarf for donation to homeless shelter.

And of course I dressed up my fur babies for Christmas.

I painted these for 2021.

Hopefully we'll be back to normal by late this year.  If we can just get through these winter
months until the vaccine is available for all.  Years ago society has been through worse. Spanish flu, 
WWI & WWII, great depression.  If our ancestors could get through it we can as well.
Keep Calm and Carry On!!

Saturday, November 7, 2020

New normals

 It's now coming upon 8 months since Covid sent most people home to work.  I am still 

enjoying working from home as you save on commute time and getting ready for work.

I am still mostly painting in my free time.  Cooler weather now is creating that urge to
pull out yarn and work on something.  I have adde a few squares to this on going project 
blanket.  The lighting in the photo doesn't do the colors justice.

Here's some of my watercolor paitings since my last post.

Hoping 2021 will be better.

And the largest acrylic canvas paiting I've done so far.  I spent a month on and off
nit picking details, adding and adjusting. 

Garden season mostly has come to an end. Honey planted some cool weather crops and I managed
to make a pumpkin pie out of our only ripened pumpkin.  Best pie ever!

Still have some lettuce and kale growing.

                                                      And indoor growing more basil.

I do believe my kitties love me working from home, even though I can't
play with them during the day.

Happy Weekend All!!

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Time Flies 2020

 We are now in Fall here and it's amazing how summer just flew by this year.  Appreciating the simple things with all this home time and distancing.  I am still working from home six months later and don't mind in the least as it saves gas, traffic hassles and quieter work setting.  With the cooler weather starting I did feel like crocheting a bit this week.  

I started these shortly after finishing my Dahlia blanket to use some of the left over yarn. 
I think I'll make a cushion cover with these.

I still mostly have been painting, learning new techniques online. I still prefer
watercolor painting but do an acrylic piece ever once in a while and had to for
this fall pumpkins painting.

And some watercolor paitingings done recently.

Hubby and I have focused a lot on gardening this year and planning to improve
our growing for next year.  He built a raised garden bed for next year and preparing 
the soil now for optimal growing.

We've had a good supply of tomatoes and cucumbers all summer.

Cooler weather crops started, lettuce, kale.  Still have some green pepers growing
and our first pumpkin almost ready.

And my poor girl had to get some teeth removed as they were giving her 
some trouble. This was before.

And this when she came home still feeling a bit doppy.  She's doing 
better now and still getting used to less teeth. 

Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. 
Happy weekend all!