Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Easter

I've made 4 of these bunnies this week.  I brought them to work to sell for Easter.  I did sell 3 of them and gave one to my aunt for her birthday.  I'm off this Monday and Tuesday for my birthday.  Turning the big 4-0.  Haven't thought a lot about it or how I feel turning forty.  I don't feel 40, in mind anyway, body is another story. HAHA.

Posing here with my Easter ceramics.

And I finished this ruffle scarf.  It's for my co-workers birthday.
I really hate working with this yarn.
It's frustrating and I'm not patient enough for it.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Bunny Love

These wonderful little bunnies are super addictive to make.  Many of you bloggers have seen them around on blogs.  We can thank The Green Dragonfly for the wonderful tutorial on how to make them. They are similar to the Owl pattern from Bunny Mummy's blog. I finished this one in maybe 5 or 6 hours while watching TV.  And below is the second one in the works.

And on a follow up note, my cousin loved the blanket for her wedding shower gift.  As well as the throw away bouquet and I picked up a garter for the wedding, with blue of course. 

Here are some of my most liked photos recently from Instagram.  Of course the one with my baby suck on my blanket was a favourite. 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Finished Objects

I finished my granny circles blanket last night, just in time for my cousin's shower as it's her wedding present.  Most of the week was spend doing final rounds and edging.  I also have a throw away bouquet for her.  I hope she likes them both. 

It's hard to get good pictures when it's still so cold outside to take ones in 
good light.

Close up of the border.  I know it's hard to see the white peaked edge and the background.

Below is just a fun pic I took that I posted on instagram.  The sunlight was 
coming through the basket.

My other finished object is my Alpaca wool blend scarf.  
It's 54" in length besides the fringe.  I have it up on my Etsy Shop.

Happy Weekend all!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Keep Calm Crochet On

This week, crochet just hasn't been able to keep me calm. Well, at least at work. Just too much stress. Why can't we have mid day nap time.  We would be much more productive I say.  I don't know about how it is in other countries, but society in general makes people crazed.  Go, go, go. 
Anyway, the shower is a week away for my cousin. I've been trying to get as much done each night on the border now.  Few more colours then maybe a fancy edge and it should be done.  Does any of you who make blankets, block them when they're done? 

Keep calm and carry yarn.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Granny Crazy

Well this week I've been focused on getting these done.  From the meager circles into the squares.  I finished squaring them up with the white last night.  

I've been blocking each one.  

To joining with a light pink, stash busting with that colour from a yarn sale a few summers ago.

And I managed to join this section last night watching TV.

I'm trying to get this done in a few weeks for my cousin's wedding shower as a gift. 
I hope she likes it. 

Saturday, March 2, 2013


I love weekends. Especially when I have an extra day off.  Today was catching up on sleep day and chilling with the pets. Amazing how much they love the simplest thing, yarn. 

I started a few new projects this week.  A kids hat that I want to give to my cousin's boy when they come down in April for a visit.  It's a stash busting project as well to use up some blue so I thought I'd make a cookie monster hat.  Now, it's not finished and face features somewhat attached but my honey says the eye balls looks too big.  Or maybe they should be closer together.  Opinions would be greatly appreciated. It's not the best picture.
And I started on a shawl, Lion Brand Elegant Shawl pattern, thanks to my co-worker who makes wonderful things that I always seem to want to make as well LOL.  The Homespun was only $2.99 a skein in a few colours for a clear out. 
And this coppery colour matches my new hair colour nicely. 
I don't often post pictures of myself but here is my new colour, from blonde to a nice red.  
And still working on these to get done for a gift with the next month. Hoping the joining process won't be too tedious.