Sunday, May 27, 2012

Another One Finished

It's nice when you get a project finished.  It didn't take too long. Maybe a week with distractions.  This is my Half Moon Shawl.  The pattern is from the Lion Brand site.

It might just need some kind of button to attach in the front.  I'm hoping to send this one out to a friend next week.  

And for those small grannies.  I got the centers made and started the square part of them.  I chose a different colour than the first set.  I probably will stagger the colours back and forth for something. Still undecided on bunting or scarf.

So that's it for this Sunday.  It's a warm one. 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Days Go By

Days sure do fly by.  Especially when you have family drama going on and have to work a full time job.  So some days, the crochet flow isn't too abundant.  As well as trying to get some physical exercise in after your doctor tells you that you are borderline diabetic.

But I did manage to finish my shawl. I'll try to get a good picture for it maybe tomorrow.

Last holiday weekend I got out the sewing machine to make a liner for my African Flower bag.  I am not the most skilled sewer, but did manage to get the diameter for the tube shape and then the circle for the bottom of bag.  Actually, two circles and I put a card board circle in between for some shape and strength and sewed on the tube.  Good thing it's at the bottom of the bag and you wouldn't really see my "expert" sewing job. LOL

Handles made from last week. Just have to sew together and on.  And make the drawstring for the top.
My sewing machine my aunt gave me.  Works like a charm.

Next little project, back to these.  I made a set of these daisy granny squares a bit ago. So I'm thinking of another series or two of these colours and make a granny bunting.  Or?  Hmmm.  Any ideas?  Cushion?

Most of these colours I got at a yard sale last years.  The few with the glitter I had myself but made the card board spool to put those colours on.  It sure is easier to carry around a small bag of this much yarn than it is whole skeins in a bag. 

Well it's Saturday and was hoping it would be nice but I hear some thunder.  Maybe tomorrow.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Slow progress

It feels like I've slowed down in my crafting creations.  But maybe that's just me.  Once taking my pictures of the things I've been working on maybe not.  It's Victoria Day here in Canada and it's wonderful to have the day off.  Happy B-day Queen Victoria.

So I made a few more of the granny squares in my new favourite colour scheme. I guess I will keep making them until I get enough for a small throw.  But my box 'o grannies is getting full.

The ripple blanket has been growing as well. With warmer weather coming, it's hard to have it on your lap crocheting on without getting a bit hot.

Remember my African Flowers Bag?  I made the handles for it.  I haven't attached them yet.  I'm still deciding on sewing a liner for it or not.  I'm not a highly skilled sewer and with it having a round bottom and tube style shape, it may be a bit tricksy for me to sew that on the machine.  Attaching a liner would be easier with the handles off I imagine.  I also still have to make the drawstring cord for it next.
And for the shawl, I think I'll be stopping where I am at and finish up with the edging.  I thought I'd use the two full skeins I have but it might end up a bit heavy and too ripple wavy edge.  This may be a gift for a friend of mine.  
Even the cat likes it.

Well I'm off to enjoy the day.  

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bed Throw and more

I've managed to get quite a few rows done on this bed throw that is queen sized in width.  This was started by my aunt who gave it to me with the yarn to finish it.  It's cotton yarn so light enough for the summer.  

I made up a a little flower that I wore on my headband today.  Here it's pictured on a coaster that I had gotten in a swap last year.  

Honey and I went for a bike ride and I brought some saltine crackers as we go by these man made lakes nearby that the Canadian Geese swim in and we were lucky enough to see some baby ones.
 I've worked on my shawl a bit more.  Not so much on my ripple.  I got addicted the a new TV Series on HBO, Game of Thrones.  Great acting, story and costumes based from books by George R.R. Martin.  I also started reading a book called The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs.  Only in chapter one, I've been reading it on my phone on breaks at work etc.  I don't always make enough time to read as I once did before technology took over my time. 

This weekend is a long weekend for us here in Canada.  Monday is Victoria Day in honour of Queen Victoria.  And so far, the weather forcast looks amazing.  

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Days Off

It's always so nice when you have gorgeous weather on a day off from work.  It was around 70 degrees yesterday.  Couldn't of been more perfect.  Honey and I went for a drive to a few county nursery/gift ware places.  The first place had alot of girly gifting and just neat things.  Honey was extremely bored.  Then browse that garden center.  I think it just instantly lifts your mood to see such colourful flowers.  All the hanging basket were gorgeous and would see randomly butterflies on them. In top right corner of this picture was a neat idea, planted in a large wooden planter was a neat scene, miniture house with moss and bench in the back.  There was another planter like this but I must have deleted the picture.  This place also had another building with alot of cookware items, coffee bar etc.  I had to take a picture of this rainbow mixing bowl set.  The gift building had some nice owlie items.  Then we went to the other garden center and they have alot of gifting, craft items as well as their plants.  The froggies were so cute I had to take their picture.  And came across some nearly real craft calla lily flowers, one of my faves.  The orchids below are real in this pic.

I know it's nearly summer here but they still had Christmas stuff on display. I LOVE Snowmen and had to take a picture of this.  And the elf display was so pretty that it was photo worthy.  And lastly are these colourful Bee catchers.  If I was rich I would have bought most of the things I've shown here.  Oh well, keep buy loto tickets.

They had this setup perfect for picture taking.  Honey was kind enough to take my picture on this giant flower chair. 

On to projects. Well this week, I didn't get alot accomplished. Mostly working on the Half Moon Shawl from last weekend. 

I've already used one skein of the 2 pack of remnant yarn.  I might just use the whole of the second skein and then it will be good and long.  I believe the pattern had a chunkier yarn than this and a larger hook, but I only used a 6.5 mm.  It's still working up quick.

Anyway, have a good weekend.  I hope to get more accomplished.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Have you ever thought you had adult ADD?  I do.  You're at work and your trying to focus on your job and you get distracted by thoughts of personal life things, or your crochet projects etc. LOL.  Or is it just a woman thing and our great ability to multi-task?  Either way, this is why I start so many projects, and that I get bored and just need to work on something different. It's been a more settled week but just a bit mentally burnt out.  My parents are still both being cared for in the hospital, hopefully that will continue. And last weekend I decided to change my hair colour from brunette to blonde and do it myself.  Well, it's been a challenge all week to tone down the reddish orangy colour of the blonde.  I should of just went to my hair guy.  So still working on that as I have to get some more conditioning treatments in before bleaching again. Anyway, on to progress made this week...

I've been wanting to make this Half Mood Shawl from the pattern off the Lion Brand site for some time now.  A friend made it with their Homespun yarn and it was so cozy.  I had a few skeins in the stash from a remnant bag that I wasn't sure what to use it for.  This project was perfect for it.  It has bobbles in it but this photo you can't see them.

This is from one day progress. And for 2nd day progress....

It works up quick.

And the ripple blanket has been growing as well...

I think maybe double that length should be good for the twin bed.  
And that Granny Messenger Bag I started last week, I got a few more rows done.

I did get another square done in my new colour scheme.
And all of them together..

So I guess I did get some things done this week.  But you know the saying... So much yarn so little time. 

Happy Sunday All!