Saturday, December 28, 2013

Peace and Relaxation

Christmas is finally over.  It was a nice break up to the work week.  Unfortunately, I work at a place that is open 24/7.  Next year it falls at the end of the week.  Yay.  I finally got to finish a hat for me. My dark kitty hat.  I love it.  And it's so warm.
Day after Christmas in Canada is called Boxing Day. It is an official holiday.  Most people head to the stores for sales.  I stayed in right here.  I was so tired all day.  Read, relaxed and took a nap.
I pulled out some yarn to stash bust and make the cats a little pad/blanket.  Not the best colour scheme, but I'm sure they won't car. It's warm.
Had to dress him up for a Christmas photo op. LOL
And, the book I've been waiting for.  My aunt got it for me. Whoohoo.
Happy Weekend All!! And have a Happy New Year!!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Tis The Season

The holidays are nearly here.  It's been a busy week at work ending with a wonderful potluck luncheon.  I finished the Cookie Monster hat for my co-worker.  She loved it for her grandson. 

I also managed to finish my Hello Kitty hat in black.  It's a funky version I guess you could say. 

I also made myself a tablet pouch.   It did not come out perfect but it serves it's purpose.

I also finished a few projects. I made some small ornaments for gifts.  And for sewing, I made these festive hot pads for gifts as well. 

We were surprised this morning when our neighbor came over to thank us for shoveling the driveway for them.  Last weeks snow fall was a good bit and  we share driveways with one side.  They are an older couple.  It's just easier to do the whole drive anyway.  They brought over a lovely plate of baked goodies.  
I do love Christmas cheer and baked goods.  

Well, I wish everyone a happy holiday with their families.  Appreciate all that you have and bless and pray for those who are not as fortunate in this world.

Saturday, December 14, 2013


I think I was quite productive this week.  I finished the Pink Hello Kitty hat for my co-worker. I also brought in my crochet goodies into work to see if I could sell any for Christmas gifts.  The lady who wanted this hat asked if I could make a cookie monster hat for her grandson.  I had one made but it's too big. So that is my next project.

 I did sell a hat I made a while back, the pink one with the flower. 

And I got a request to make an infinity scarf for another co-workers little boy.  I had the perfect yarn in mind for that. I started the scarf right away and just finished it up today.  
My Christmas gift arrived from my honey this week. He got a good deal on it from the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals a few weeks back.  Of course I got to use it right away.  He spoils me. 

It's been a cold week here, ending with some snow. The week started off having to get a nail repaired from my tire on the car. Joy.

Anyway, keep warm. Happy weekend all!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

18 Days

I received my swap gift from my partner is the Handmade Gift Exchange this week.  Truly happy with how beautiful these items are.  Handmade cards and gift tags.  Thank you so much Jeannie.  I hope you liked my gift as much as I have yours.  Happy Holidays.

I got some bias binding and finished up a baby change pad for my cousin. 
First binding attempt and thanks to You Tube, not too bad.

I also pulled out my great grandmother's Singer sewing machine to clean it up. I haven't tried it yet, but I hear they are great to sew jeans and thicker materials.

This week I got an order for a Hello Kitty hat. A co-worker sent me a picture from online some where and this was my creation. 

Below is the picture I was sent.

And from making the hat, I received another order for one from another girl at work. Yay.  This time I get to use whatever colors I want. It's for a girl and so far I already have the base hat done in pink. 

Happy weekend all!