Sunday, July 19, 2015

Heating Up

This last week I haven't crocheted much except for added a few squares here and a row on the black shrug I've been working on.  It's either been too hot or I have been too sore in the shoulders.
And I came home from work Friday night with the AC broken down.  Yesterday was 90 degrees with humidex over 100.  I called a repair guy and we're all fixed now.   

However, I did finish my puzzle.  Of course that could have added to the sore shoulders leaning over the table while working on it. 

It's so pretty.  Now what to do with it.  I'd like to glue it on a board or something.  

Last weekend a house down the street had a yard sale. I found this cute basket and then
made this liner for it.  A WIP basket to keep yarn in.

We did have a gorgeous day this week that I had to get out on the bike.

Happy Weekend All!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Small Progress

Yesterday I had off and got to hit a thrift store.  I found this J.K. Rowling book for .50 cents. 
I enjoyed a long overdue visit with my chiropractor. The shoulder is feeling a bit better but of course that usually means having to keep going to keep the relief up.  I've worked on this shrug a bit. I got quite a few rows done last weekend while we were driving through the county.

But I must admit, I have a new addiction.  Jigsaw puzzles.  I had ordered a few from a site I found.
Bits & Pieces. They have puzzles, home and garden decor items etc. I picked one of a cat in a door way with flowers. Of course I didn't realize it was a round puzzle until it came. 

I've taken pictures each day of the progress. It's going on day 5.  This one is not so easy.

And I found this picture on facebook.  Can you imagine if it were true.  A girl can dream.

Happy weekend all!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2015


I've been working on a shrug for a co-worker.  Simple all black. I found the pattern on Pinterest
It's a super easy stitch pattern, basically just making a large square and fold and sew up arm holes.

This week on Annemarie's blog she feature my mandala from last week. Yah, 
check it out.

Happy 4th to American Friends this weekend!!!