Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fall Crochet

I finished my fall crochet project in 2 days, yay.  I may add another pumpkin if I can make a smaller one. I just picked up the pumpkin's orange colour when we were at Walmart last night, as it was PERFECT for it. 

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

The weeks go by...

I love short weeks at work.  They fly by.  I went back on Tuesday and got a call saying there was a bed opening in one of my long-term care choices for my dad.  I thought it would of been the one that they said was a short wait list but it was another.  So I was pleased about that.  I know he doesn't realize where he is or why, but it is a nice room and facility.  So that took up most of my Thursday of which I should of just taken the whole day off for.  

I have been working on my star stitch scarf here and there on lunch time. Evenings I try and get a few rows in on my ripple projects.  I have been seeing more fall postings in Blogland and wanted to get in on that.  I found a cute autumn wreath here. I had bought a wood ring for such a project. I started with some flowers. Now I'm working the wrapping or covering for the ring. 

And a pic from Instagram this week.  What's in my crochet bag.

And I found this on Facebook I'd like to share with my fellow crocheters.

10 Commandments of Crochet - Borrowed from a friend:

1. Thou shalt not call it "knitting". Nothing will raise the hackles of a die hard crocheter faster than mistaking this craft for the k-word.

2. Thou shalt always look before sitting down. Errant hooks can find their way quite easily among sofa cushions, and thus into tender body parts, regardless of how "well padded" they may be.
3. The Yarn Stash is sacred above all. Thou shalt never touch, move, organize, spindle or mutilate in any way. THIS MEANS YOU!

4. Yes, I do need all those pattern books.

5. There really is a difference between a work-in-progress and an abandoned project, although it may have been just as long since either one of them has been touched.

6. Thou shalt never interrupt my crocheting to have me watch the greatest play the team ever made. No, it isn't special; it's just like every other sports event on TV.

7. Do not remind me that there are more important things in life than crochet. I already know that. Right now, I can't really think what they are, but I know there must be something.

8. Never ask how much I spent on yarn, hooks or patterns. This will only force me to lie to you. Then I will feel guilty for lying, and of course, I can only allay my guilt by buying more yarn.

9. Never refer to my crocheted gifts to you as "homemade". Instead, they are "lovingly crafted" ... or better yet, "custom-styled".

10. Saturday morning is my time to devote strictly to crochet. Please honor it with no distractions ...and Friday night as well ...and probably Wednesday afternoon. And anytime I need to make a birthday gift. But that's it. Except for, of course, if I need to make a baby layette, or ...

Happy Weekend to you all!!

Monday, September 24, 2012


It was a nice long weekend for me.  I had a vacation day.  I like to spread mine out and have long weekends.  Did I get some crochet done, sure.  As much as I intended, no.  It's always that way.  Did some fall cleaning though.  I went through my closet, tossed a bunch of clothes. Put away the summer clothes and took out the warmer clothes of which I don't seem to have alot of. Hmmm, must go shopping.  Honey and I went to the mall.  He got himself a nice button up shirt and bought me one as well.  HEHE
    Anyway, crochet.  I did up a few of those squares in my blue, brown and green tones. 
And here they are all together
I tried out this new ruffle yarn I had gotten from that yarn factory outlet my co-worker picked me up.  I love the colours.  However, it's just tedious to work with.
I also got more done on my ripple.  And I had previously run out of a blue for it.  But I had looked at Michael's etc for this Bernat Satin and couldn't be found.  I did however find it at a thrift store.
But for having a day off I'm exhausted.  Cleaned so much, moved some furniture, got rid of a lot of garbage.  It does feel good to at least have accomplished something.  Well have a good week everyone!


Thursday, September 20, 2012


It was a gloomy morning here that cleared just in time for my lunch hour.  I went down to the park to enjoy it, close my eyes for a bit. 

Got some more progress done on the crochet bag.  And the star stitch scarf project is coming along.
A fun stitch.  As well as I got my nails done yesterday, and I find they help grab yarn when you're trying to get your hook through a tricky piece like in this stitch.
Now, as you can see, I have bigger fingers and now know why working with smaller gauge yarns are not as easy for me.

 And for my bits of crochet to brighten my desk.  

Today I noticed the first signs of fall season coming, along with the cooler weather that is...

And lastly, I forgot to share my new toy.  What goes better with crochet than coffee.
Now I can enjoy my cappuccino's at home while relaxing with my crochet.


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Progress is coming along on my ripples.  About 3/4 of the length I'd like for my bed throw or lazy nights on the couch.  I started to vary up the rows with a single row or double or triple.  It won't be symmetrical once it's done but unique anyway.

And I finally got the beads I ordered to finish this little bobble.  Idea from Attic 24 - Bauble Decoration.

I may just have to bring it to work to brighten up my desk.  

Happy Hump Day!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Happy Crochet Day!!

Well it's Crochet Day!! Whoohoo.  Why couldn't it fall on a weekend.  More crochet can happen then. Oh well.

Today I learned a new stitch.  Star Stitch, using the yarn from my gift basket last week.   It's really quite easy.  From Free Vintage Crochet .

So, this shall be a scarf for a gift I'm planning. 

Yay, tomorrow is my Friday!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The days go by...

        Time flies and it seems I can't get enough crocheting in.  And with so many projects on the go and that I want to do and make and Christmas gifts to make in mind, I may just have to quit my job. LOL

Up close.

      Mostly, I've done a bit on every project this week - The bed ripple, the chunky grey ripple, the crochet bag, the top.  I finished the granny stripe that I made into a shrug. However, I have to have someone take pictures of me wearing it to show it properly.  It puckers a bit at the back but if I take it in then it would be too tight when I stretch forward.  It's mostly for work.  It gets so cold sometimes and you just need to keep the upper arms and shoulders warm.  And sometimes I'll be typing away at work and the hands and lower arms gets a bit cold.  So, I've been wanting to make arm warmers.  A co-worker made a super cute pair. So anyway, I'm rambling on.  I went into Aldo shoe store, I had a gift card to use, and found these wonderful leg warmers on clearance.  Hmmm, leg warmers are now arm warmers for me.

On a good note, it's another 4 day work week.  I like to spread out my vacation days.  I have yet to take a whole week off.  Maybe next  year. 

And from here's a pic to share I made from an fun Android App.

Happy Hump Day!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Groovy Crochet

Got some relaxing time in last night crocheting with a friend.  Pulled out the ripple.  Fall season is just around the corner and I want to get this blanket ready and  usable before cooler weather.  I was laying in bed last night crocheting a bit and realised how warm and cozy it actually is.

And progress on the crochet bag. 

This week I was excited to get my new glasses.  I got a regular pair with no frame on bottom and I got my first prescription sunglasses.  Whoohoo.  What do you think?

Groovy glasses, as is my favourite term. 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Long Weekend Crochet

My aunt mentioned she loved my crochet bag and asked if I could make her one. A bright colourful one. So got out the cotton yarn. I started it the way I wanted to with mine, the linked double crochet stitch. It's much more durable. Less likely for things to poke out of your bag.

I also started on a bobble decorations, also a Lucy "Attic24" pattern.

Mind the posts of pictures as I am writing this on my phone.

I also pulled out an old project I started quite a while ago, a top. Working on the bodice of it.
Happy Tuesday!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Trying Times

I'm still working on my granny stripe project.  Hopefully I will get it done this week.

       You know how you start out thinking this will be a good week and have an idea on how it will go.  Well, Monday changed that thought.  Went into work.  No appointments and such this week.  My dad's mom has been in hospital for a week and they said she had bacterial infection in her lungs and was having a hard time breathing.  Well Sunday she had taken a turn and I planned to go see her after work Monday.  But my cousin messaged me and said she didn't have much longer.  I went to the hospital on my lunch and just missed seeing her.  RIP dear Mimi.  She was 93 and was my last grandparent.  The sad part is she kept talking last week about wanting to see my dad.  It was his birthday last week and he was on her mind.  He isn't even aware that his mom passed who he adored so.  Dimentia is such a sad disease to see anyone go through, let alone your parent.  Anyway, I made a crocheted flower to send off with her in her coffin.  Friday was the funeral and we had all the family in town, cousins, second cousins.  The weather was beautiful but hot.  Didn't seem to mind the heat after we went swimming in my aunt's pool.
Such a beautiful day to remember Mimi.

My co-workers surprised me with a nice card and gift basket.

The whole week has been so nice. 

Except the Monday, it had been quite gloomy that morning.  And as I got up to the hospital, the sun had come out.  Very strange how some things you believe are signs.