Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sophie's Progress

I've managed a few more rounds on this Sophie's Universe project.I'm not sure how large I will make mine but it is a lovely project. 

I finished this granny stripe and plan to make it into a bag. I've even sewn the lining for it.

I was given these squares by my aunt years ago and I finally got around to using them. I'm making
small blankets for cat shelters to donate.  In honour of my Marma. 
I made this photo collage of him for my desk at work.
We got his ashes back last week. We now have pendants with a bit of him inside 
to be near to our heart to wear on a necklace. 
Love you baby cat.

It's a rainy weekend but I hope next weekend will be better.  

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Rest In Peace

    Such a gift to have cared for this unique spirit. He wasn't like a cat but a reincarnated soul who appreciate our love, affection and our home. Having been a stray he truly appreciated the roof over his head. Loved to cuddle and showed it with a loud purr or motor I called it. He loved laying in the window when the sun was out. RIP my sweet baby cat.

       Monday was a holiday and we spent the day with him on the porch. He mostly laid in his bed in the sun which was his favourite thing.  He slept with me that night and I woke Tuesday morning with him beside me purring away.  He jumped off the bed but seemed a bit wobbly. I was going into work that day.  He was laying on the bed and his breathing didn't seem right.  Depsite all this time with the gas he had and not being able to to number 2 he hadn't thrown up.

      I went to work and an hour later my honey called and said you better come home.
    He was still on the bed with laboured breathing.  We just pet him, told him we loved him and then he started to throw up. Not a good sign. We called ahead to the vet to see if there was a wait as I didn't want to be waiting in there knowing what we were going to have to do. On the way to the vet we had him in his green bed and I had my crocheted blanket on him to keep him cozy and unaware of where we were headed.  He started to hurl again and then a second later I felt warm liquid on my leg, he let go at the same time.  That for sure was a sign his body was letting him down.  We didn't want to see him suffer anymore.  It truly was the hardest thing to do. He really didn't 
    want to leave us, he loved being with us. I believe his unique personality developed because of us. 
       I didn't go back to work the next day either.  It hurt so much. I couldn't sleep in the bed where he would sleep with me, sit on the love seat where he would lay with me while I would crochet. Day by day it's easing up and are trying to focus more attention on the other two cats that now seem to notice something missing. They just don't have the same personality as Marma and don't love to cuddle the way he did.  

    My honey had made this great video of him after the first visit back from the vet when we first were told he had that mass and it was probably cancer.  We uploaded on You Tube to share his story.

    I have done some crochet in the last few days.  It still is crochetapy.

    Happy weekend all!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Crochet Therapy

Another week has gone by and my cat is still trying to hang in there. He's been eating and drinking randomly on his own and with coaxing.  It's just worrisome that he hasn't went number 2.  We took him back to the vet last night and she did another X-ray and felt his colon but she insists there is nothing in his bowel.  He must be absorbing it all.  She believes the mass around the colon is just blocking the movement. He doesn't seem in pain.  

I started the Sophie's Universe Crochet A Long this weekend.  It's just so pretty and I had to try it.

So I've been crocheting to help with the stress of which is why I got back into crochet years ago when dealing with my parents.  Hence my name Crochetapy. Crochet is therapy.

This was a WIP that I pulled out.  A cotton blanket my aunt had started and gave me along with the yarn.  I've since started into the second large ball and hope that will make a decent length.  If not I 
may have to hunt it down at the yarn store.  It should be nice to bring on a picnic or walk or something.  It's a long weekend here in Canada, Victoria Day. Always nice to have the day off however this region is famous for it's humidity which isn't so great for wanting to do outdoor activities.  

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Trying Times

One of the hardest things in life is having to face when you will have to put your pet down.
Especially when it's the suck, the baby, the one that loves to snuggle and purrs up a storm.
The vet found a mass in his stomach/intestines.  He's been randomly eating with the aid of 
some medications and near forcing.  He hasn't gone number 2 on his own in a while now.
The vet said that the mass could be obstructing that process. She suggested operating to take it out
however being 12 years old he may not recover.  So go in take it out and if she thought he couldn't recover put him down right there or if she did keep him a few days to recover.  And that boils down 
to money sad to say. Not to mention what time we would have left with him.
We opted for now to see how it goes with aiding him to eat and drink with syringe if need be.

I hope he has more time with us but will not let him suffer.

He so does love cuddling in my crochet.

The granny stripe is progressing.  Perhaps i'll turn it into a bag. 

On another issue I have recently reconciled with my estranged brother. We had been chatting
online since late last year here and there after a 3 year absence. He informed me he planned to 
move to the Yukon to be with his boyfriend.  Surprising to say that is a big move but now
I give him credit for making that jump in life and wish him luck.

I met up with him before he left and brought him to see our mother who she hadn't seem him
in the 3 years after turbulent family issues.  My father who had dementia wouldn't know who
he was to justify a visit.  I do believe mom was truly happy to see him again.

This is a view he posted that he got to explore in that area.

My brother on the right and his bf in the same view. 

Best of luck bro!

Happy weekend all!

Saturday, May 2, 2015


This week I've been off work for 3 days for vacation time.  I'm opting now for more vacation time during the spring.  It's cooler with great weather for walks and bicycle rides. There was one rainy day that provided me with some crochet lazy time. I have been working a few few things. 

Stash busting with this yarn it'll either be yet another scarf or something cozy for the cats to sleeps on.

I'm still working on this granny stripe.  Even my baby cat (really 12 years old) loves to cuddle on my yarny projects.
He's had some health issues lately.  The vet found a mass in his stomach.  She can't officially say if cancer or just intestinal growth.  He's been on a few meds that he may have to be on the rest of his life to keep him eating.
So far so good. He's been coming around eating and back to usual self.


We took a day trip to a near by larger city yesterday and I had to see a popular crafting supply store here in Canada.  It wasn't their main store but it had a wide variety of yarn and that's all that mattered.  Mary Maxim


My mistake however is bringing the spouse along to say don't you have enough yarn. Yes dear but you can never have enough.

Happy weekend all!!