Saturday, August 25, 2012

Crochetapy isn't working

This week was one exhausting week.  Appointments for my parents, dentist.  Got a bite guard, hopefully that will keep the jaw pain away.  Then with appointments and missed time from work it the make-up time.  Shorter lunch.  Having the hour lunch during the day helps alot.  You can run errands, crochet or get in a nap. LOL Friday I had off and I had a yard sale with a neighbour.  Did ok, but didn't realize the physical work involved.  Clearly out of shape. Working for a living sucks. HAHA

Anyway, here's my progress on my granny stripe project.  I was playing with a few apps on my phone to get some different pictures.

I managed to wip up a few coasters this week.  One I gave a way.  Also got some more yarn. LOL

I haven't worked with this yarn before, it's a fine yarn but I'd like to make something wearable with it.  Any suggestions or links to nice shawl patterns ladies?

Also, I made my second sale from my Etsy store.  The grey loom knit hat. Yay!! I need to get more things posted on there.  Not enough time in the day.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Yarn, yarn and more yarn

So I have a new plan for this granny.  It's been a busy week and more so next week.  Have to look at long term care facilities for my dad.  Dentist, other appointments, eyes, pick out glasses, and the list goes on.  The joys of life.  So, hopefully, on the weekend I can finish what I want to do with this granny project.

Below, is a few collage pictures of some of my creations this year.  New handy app on the phone.

And, that trip to the yarn outlet my co-worker made.  Here are all the goodies I get to split with another co-worker. Not for free of course.  But, so much cheaper than buying at Michael's etc.  Now I did you a colour enhancing feature on my photo app.  These brighter red looking yarns are really more darker pinks. Oh boy, now I could really use that extra pair of arms to get making stuff with all this year. Well some of this  yarn and the yarn I already have.  But, you can never have enough yarn.  No, I don't have a yarn addiction. HAHA

Monday, August 13, 2012

One A Day

My granny stripe is coming along.  I got quite a few rows done on the weekend.  That can make up for any day that I can't get a row in for the One A Day with Gingerbread Girl.

I'm really loving my colour scheme.  I have alot of this white yarn to use up.  The white is from last years Outlet sale in Listowel, Ontario.  My lovely co-worker went up last year and brought me back a huge garbage bag full of discounted yarns, mostly Bernat.  This year, she went back up as her cottage is not far from the outlet, convenient. ;) Can't wait to see what she brought me and my other co-worker back.

Happy Tuesday.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Yet Another Project

No really, I don't have ADD.  Actually, I think I do but that's another story.  Or it's just being a woman where the world wants you in many different places at once that has made us like this. LOL  Anyway, had a few days excruciating jaw pain.  Went to clinic to make sure it wasn't an ear infection then next day so bad I went to ER next day to see if it's some nerve issues.  That was a waste of time, except for the crochet I got done while waiting.  They just said go to your dentist, it's probably TMJ, you don't say.  So I'm getting a bite guard.  Hopefully that will help.

Second picture without the colour enhancement filter.

    Now on to the crochet.  I started my first ever granny stripe.  At first I thought it looked like crap, but after getting first row done, then second, it started to fill in.  Awwww.  Then added second colour.  First time using, DK or Sport weight yarn.  I like it.  Lighter than the worsted, obviously.  Sometime worsted weights make a bit heavy of a blanket.  So I've had these colours for a while now, and alot of this off white colour so I endeavour to use it up.  Throw/baby blanket it will be.

    Let's see how much will get done this weekend.  Have a good one peeps!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Random Crochet

Well this week is a bit of a pain, literally.  Jaw pain, random shooting around right side of mouth pain into the ear.  I went to the clinic today just to check it wasn't an ear infection.  Nope, but he gave me anti-inflammatory.  So onto the dentist as soon as I can.  Most likely TMJ.  
Hmm, what can these colours be for?  The makings of yet another project?  I am on a mission to use up the stash.  If that means having 10 + projects on the go, so be it.  I am wonder woman!!!

And here's the Grey Ripple Blanket.

Here's my E-bay acquirement of buttons.  Gotta love E-bay for supplies.  Even with shipping, and some small items like these you can get free shipping, you couldn't find such things just at any store.
And to my friend who mentioned buttons for her project, let me know if you like any to use.
My cousin came by on the weekend and brought some yarn and such of hers she was getting rid of.  Funny how people know you're a yarny loon and they like to bring their stuff they don't need anymore.  Fine by me. LOL
And I find a new Android app. Keep Calm app.  The left picture is made with it.  You can change your icon, font, colour background etc.  Just not the saying.  Still fun to play with.  And for the one on the right, a co-worker thought I'd like it, as I keep a "Keep Calm and Crochet On" sign on my desk at work.
LOL, love the way Yoda talks.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Sunday Crochet

Sunday crochet is always the best.  Just working on whatever, trying out new stitches.  One being, broomstick lace.  I've been wanting to try for a while now and that light weight colourful yarn I thought would be perfect.  Well, maybe perfect in the light weightness of a finished product as it would be nice to wear.  But, not perfect in working with it and the small hook besides the large knitting needle.  Having big hands does not help this. Anyway, after watching a You Tube tutorial on the stitch, this is my two rows of Brookstick Lace.

I also made a nice flower granny square. It was fairly easy to make but I think I should of used a brighter yellow yarn for the center.
Then Saturday, we went to the Bicentennial of 1812 event that I had won the tickets to the concert.  We went during the day to see some of the re-enactments etc.  And then went back later that night for the concert performance. 

Quaint shop in town


Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ripples & Gold

My "50 Shades of Grey" Crochet Ripple throw blanket is coming along.  Got that name from Kate at Granny Taught Me to Crochet. It does work up quick. It's wide enough to cover up while on the recliner. LOL

I haven't touched much other crochet.  I wish one could have 4 pairs of arms, then maybe we can get more things done at once. HAHA

And a proud moment for any Canadian, we just won our Olympic Gold in Women's Trampoline.  Rosie McLennan! WTG Her grandfather had missed going into the Olympics in gymnastics in 1942.  He passed away before she had went to the Olympics in Beijing.  He would be so proud of her.

It's a long weekend here in Canada and I'm going to enjoy it.  OH, also in this weeks news... I had entered a Twitter/Facebook contest to win tickets to a concert celebration for the Bicentennial of 1812 and found out I won.  A Canadian singer Chantal Kreviazuk is performing.  Whoohoo.  I couldn't believe I won something like that.