Sunday, August 30, 2015

Poncho Finished

I finally finished my poncho.  I was going to make it longer but I ran out of the brown which I just had enough to do a single crochet round to finish it off.  And to get the edges to lay flat I just got a new iron with steaming ability and steamed the edges over a towel.

I'm slowing getting my crochet mojo back.  Maybe it's just a summer thing when we get too busy.

 I've been busy getting my new feline friend accustomed to our home.
After Marma passed it left a void of a cuddly companion.  I do still have my other two cats but their not the cuddling kind.  We had been visiting the local Humane Society for about a month on the weekends.   There were a few contenders but I came to love this gorgeous girl.

She officially got her name tag, Pippa. I thinks she's feeling quite at home.

And the others are getting used to her.  She's a very vocal girl with a weird meow but we love her all the same.  

Happy weekend all!!!

Monday, August 17, 2015

New Beginnings

Last Sunday we started off the week going to a demolition derby.  I did put sunblock on knowing we'd be in the sun.  I wore a hat but was wearing a tank top.  The venue didn't have shade. Hence, I ended up with the above sunburn.  Probably the worst I've ever had.  Currently it's now peeling.
And for almost 3-4 weeks now honey and I have been visiting pets stores holding adoption events for cats and visiting the Humane Society.  We've seen a few the we looked at but consider how their temperament is in our home and with the other cats.  We went Saturday and I fell in love with this precious girl.  She's five years old but a small cat for five and compared to my other two.  I found she loved to be pet, cuddled in my arms, had a cute meow and loves to purr.  All were a must in what I was looking for in a cat.  Marma was like that, and that's what I missed the most.
I pulled out some crochet tonight and she was content in sitting next to me belly up and purring.
Maybe that's why I lost some of that crochet mojo.  I didn't have my crochet companion to keep me company while doing my favourite hobby.  However, taking a break has helped my shoulder a bit.

In the shelter she was named Meesha. I do not know if that was her name before being surrendered but I decided to call her Pippa. 

The other two cats doesn't not seem to faze her.  However they're not too happy right now with her in their territory. The oldest has seen a number of cats come and go but the other hasn't. 
Only time will tell.  They give you two weeks to see how the new cat will fit into your home which is a nice option. 
Happy weekend all.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Blissful Summer

I've been working on this shrug still a few rows at a time.  I think I've lost my crochet mojo.
I picked up this ball of Isaac Mizrahi yarn at Michael's on clearance thinking it will finish of
the edge of the shrug nicely.

The only other crochet I have managed is this flower motif. And I've started reading the 3rd book in the Friday Night Knitting Club series.

Just a pic here of my crochet corner.

I had yesterday off so I went to my hair dresser to get a new style, shorter and more stylish.

And then went a got a pedicure.  Only the second I've ever had but what a treat.

Honey and I went out to the Friday Night market. Vendors and local brews.

Happy Weekend all!!