Sunday, April 22, 2012

Crochet Square Lovin'

With two recent crochet book acquirements, I've been making some motifs and squares.  As well as some new colours from last week, they are making some sharp looking squares.  200 Crochet blocks from Jan Eaton's book shows many different designs of squares as well as choosing layout of an afghan.  Here's my squares so far.  I may stick to 4-5 designs and vary the colours of these to complete another blanket, some day. LOL

I also bought some new clay to make handles for those Susan Bates crochet hooks I had gotten a few weeks back.  Using them without an extended type handle hurts my hands.  I have a larger than most hand size for a 
lady.  I get that from my dad, mind you it did come in handy when I worked as a machinist for 8 years in tool and mould trade. 

It seems I haven't done that much crochet this week.  With my issues going on with my parents, my mind has been pre-occupied.  My dad has dimentia and is in hospital now waiting placement for long-term care.
My mother is another issue I won't bore you with.  Anyway, my hubby and I have been getting more active and have been going for walks when I get home from work.  This has been helping on the stress front.  We had a nice walk  yesterday.  I have been using an app on my phone called Noom Weight Loss coach.  I use it to track my exercise and it uses the GPS to log distance calories etc.  As well as tread mill walking, which I use at work on breaks.  So far this week I burned 800 calories!! Whoohoo. 
I even got to stop at the park and enjoy my favourite swing. LOL

The sites of some blooming gardens were nice to see as well.  
I also went by Michael's yesterday to get more clay for my hooks and seen these cute
plant pot holders.  Super cute, but a little too pricey for me. 
As well as some nice florals there.

Anyway, happy Sunday all!!