Friday, April 6, 2012


Well Happy Easter to all who celebrate it. Holiday today, unfortunately I am working.  I did get some progress done on some things.
This was given to me by my aunt last weekend when she de-stashed on me.  I figured out the stitch and have done a few more rows on this queen sized bed throw.  I also found that I do love these newer style of Susan Bates crochet hooks.  They seem to work especially well with this cotton yarn I am using on the bed throw.  They have a more flat under the hook.  I find for the cotton they do not snag.  I still have to try them with other fiber types.
I got a few more rows done on my ripple. 
Yesterday was a nice day.  I had gone to the dentist late in the day and when I got home my mouth was still too frozen to have dinner so I went for a walk.  I took a few snaps along the way, including some signs of spring blooming.

Some fun things came in the mail this week.  
Oh what to use them on.  

And today I received a Liebster Award from Crochet Capers

I have to now tell you five things about myself:
1. I love cats, if you couldn't already tell
2.  I love Mexican styles of food
3.  I drive standard, stick shift car
4.  I have 3 tatoos
5.  I love making things for people.

Now I have to nominate five people to award the blog to:

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