Saturday, November 8, 2014

Time Flies....When You're Crafting

So last week I finished a few things I had been working on.  Above, the knitted chunky cowl that I listed on my Etsy. 

I also finished one of two owl stuffy orders.  I should finish the other this weekend.

And with the yummy yarn I got a few weeks back, I started a knitted hat for my honey.  I will also be using a darker a lighter colour in this hat.  I was going to try a cable knit hat but I couldn't find the right pattern. And when I did, it was to knit in the round and I had already started the ribbing edge. I was just going to knit then sew up after. I didn't want to take it apart as the ribbing process is boring enough for me to have to do it again. 

I finished the other Earphone pouch last weekend and delivered to the new owners.  Hopefully these youngins will show their friends and request more.

I made a trip to the fabric store today to see what holiday goodies they had in and above is what I got. I found those cute scissors that look like a bird for 1/2 the price. I fell in love with this snowman fabric.   Now to pick a project for it.

More lovely holiday fabric.

I also got these panels from Ebay.  They will make an adorable wall hanging.

And for last weeks nature walk.....

There is a few areas where these cute chickadee's land right in your hand.
Yes, I'm starting to be one of THOSE people, the bird watcher.  



Debi Y. said...

You sure have been busy - lots of nice projects. That's amazing that that little bird is sitting on your hand. Have a good day. :)