Saturday, May 9, 2015

Trying Times

One of the hardest things in life is having to face when you will have to put your pet down.
Especially when it's the suck, the baby, the one that loves to snuggle and purrs up a storm.
The vet found a mass in his stomach/intestines.  He's been randomly eating with the aid of 
some medications and near forcing.  He hasn't gone number 2 on his own in a while now.
The vet said that the mass could be obstructing that process. She suggested operating to take it out
however being 12 years old he may not recover.  So go in take it out and if she thought he couldn't recover put him down right there or if she did keep him a few days to recover.  And that boils down 
to money sad to say. Not to mention what time we would have left with him.
We opted for now to see how it goes with aiding him to eat and drink with syringe if need be.

I hope he has more time with us but will not let him suffer.

He so does love cuddling in my crochet.

The granny stripe is progressing.  Perhaps i'll turn it into a bag. 

On another issue I have recently reconciled with my estranged brother. We had been chatting
online since late last year here and there after a 3 year absence. He informed me he planned to 
move to the Yukon to be with his boyfriend.  Surprising to say that is a big move but now
I give him credit for making that jump in life and wish him luck.

I met up with him before he left and brought him to see our mother who she hadn't seem him
in the 3 years after turbulent family issues.  My father who had dementia wouldn't know who
he was to justify a visit.  I do believe mom was truly happy to see him again.

This is a view he posted that he got to explore in that area.

My brother on the right and his bf in the same view. 

Best of luck bro!

Happy weekend all!