Monday, September 24, 2012


It was a nice long weekend for me.  I had a vacation day.  I like to spread mine out and have long weekends.  Did I get some crochet done, sure.  As much as I intended, no.  It's always that way.  Did some fall cleaning though.  I went through my closet, tossed a bunch of clothes. Put away the summer clothes and took out the warmer clothes of which I don't seem to have alot of. Hmmm, must go shopping.  Honey and I went to the mall.  He got himself a nice button up shirt and bought me one as well.  HEHE
    Anyway, crochet.  I did up a few of those squares in my blue, brown and green tones. 
And here they are all together
I tried out this new ruffle yarn I had gotten from that yarn factory outlet my co-worker picked me up.  I love the colours.  However, it's just tedious to work with.
I also got more done on my ripple.  And I had previously run out of a blue for it.  But I had looked at Michael's etc for this Bernat Satin and couldn't be found.  I did however find it at a thrift store.
But for having a day off I'm exhausted.  Cleaned so much, moved some furniture, got rid of a lot of garbage.  It does feel good to at least have accomplished something.  Well have a good week everyone!