Sunday, February 24, 2019

Sunday Sewing

Just a bit of sewing today.  I haven't worked on too many projects the last few weeks. 
Mostly relaxing sore shoulders and had a back spasm last week.  The joys of age.

And just some kitty cuteness.  

Most evenings we spend time playing with the cats.  This guy below looks forward to playing with his wire toy and chases it around so much that he ends up panting. Then we have to stop so he can relax.  He's a great cat.

And my princess.

Happy Sunday All!

Sunday, February 10, 2019

The Intention Is Good

You know when you find a great yarn or yarn pack and you highly intend to make something great with it but sadly discover the pack has insufficient yardage for the project you thought would be perfect for.  Well that is this yarn, Caron Pantone 60% Acrylic, 20% Nylon and 20% Merino Wool I thought I'd try making a hat pattern I bought from MyRoseValley a while back. It has the 5 colors needed for the pattern however each color after unraveling the hanks to roll into workable balls of yarn is not much. I bought the two below and have used almost all the dark brown below of both balls.  I thought I'd try switching to the light brown until the pretty pattern part but that may not look right.  May have to go back to yarn store today.

Has anyone else tried making anything with this yarn?

This past week I finished my Valentine's hang.  I used Annie Design Crochet hearts
pattern and the cutie pie flowers by Queen Babs on Instagram.

For sewing projects, I work on my EPP, paper pieces here and there.  I have 
been joining more of them now. 

I made myself and sleep mask, should of darkened it out inside a bit more and
a pin cushion to go around the machine.

As well as a lip balm holder for my key chain.  Winter requires constant application.

And my girl has her own bandana now.


Happy weekend all!