Friday, May 24, 2013

FO Friday

I finished the baby boy blue granny blanket.  I love making blankets but hate giving them up. I wish I could
keep all of them.  But the recipient was happy with the outcome.

I tried a tutorial on You Tube for the crocodile stitch from Bob Wilson123.

It will be a pretty shawl.

We're having a yard sale tomorrow.  I'm even parting with some yarn I'll probably never use. But 
we'll see if it even gets sold.  TGIF  

Happy Weekend all.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Long Weekend Crochet

Happy Victoria Day fellow Canadian's.  It's the holiday weekend here in honour of queen Victoria.  Even she was a crafter.

So, I've been working away on the baby boy granny blanket a co-workers wants to give as a gift.  I'm starting on edging now and should be done for next weekend. 

I have more of my African flower squares made.

They're so addictive to make and can do almost any colour scheme.

And a few more gumballs.

I did use the vivid feature on the camera to make them stand out. 
It's been nice and warm this weekend and I've been crocheting outside under the trees. 
Happy Week All!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Granny Love

A co-worker requested a baby boy blanket.  So far, this is what I have.  I'm going for that plaid effect.
Maybe another of the same amount of squares long and then a border will complete it. 
The wrist, elbow and shoulder pains have eased up but comes and goes depending on how much I'm doing ie. typing, crochet. 
I have a few more of the gumballs made.

These too will eventually be squares.  I have a thing for squares and
blankets. Not a whole lot new - work, crochet, trying to enjoy spring while it lasts.
I had more car issues this past week. It's always something.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Taking Time

I haven't been gung ho on many projects in the last few weeks.  Hand, elbow, shoulder is still bother me.  I've been going to chiropractor weekly.  I type all day at my job and have been trying to stay off the pc when I come home as well.  Oh well.  I have been trying to get a row a day done on this Lucy bag I'm making for my aunt.  Love looking at it, just makes me smile.

I have been following Baby Love Brand on Instagram and her blog.  She is a blanket making machine. Well I really love her gumball blankets and thought making my cousin one for baby would be nice. 
I bought her pattern from Etsy.  Here are my gumballs so far before turning into squares.

Trying not to use pinks as it's going to be a boy's blanket. LOL

So much yarn, so little time in a day.