Friday, June 29, 2012

Crochet RoundUp

SO.... Thanks to homeschooljewelerymom 's blog post about my soon to be giveaway for my 100 followers, I hit that number today.  I went through my stash and pulled out a few skeins I can part with.  As well, there will be a few thrown in surprises.  In order to win my stash surprise, you have to be a follower and please post a comment on this blog post as to which of my many crochet projects was your favourite. Later next week I will randomly draw from this blog post's comments a name. If you would like to leave your email feel free.  

There's one skein of the Bernat Puff Ball yarn (fun for christmas project), Bernat Mosaic, and this unknown skein of pink yarn.  Again, I will be throwing in a few surprises, may be yarn related or not. 

So my border on the Daisy Blanket is coming along.  On the second colour. I think a pink will be next.
And I am still working on my bed ripple.  It is summer and the need for the yarn blanket on the single bed isn't a great hurry. 

I am still working on that other throw blanket that is more for queen size bed, but would also make a great going for a picnic blanket once done.  

And for my fellow Canadian's.... It's the long weekend and Happy Canada Day this Sunday!!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Daisy Blanket

Well, I finished joining the last of the squares.  I even managed the first row around for the border.  I think I need to block the blanket as it seems a bit crooked.  I'll do a few more colours around and maybe a ruffly edge.

Anyway, it was damn hot today.  Just a short post today.

Oh, I just noticed.  I'm at 96 followers. Wow, never though I'd have even a handful of people following me.  I was thinking.  I'd like to do something nice for my followers.  Once I hit 100, I'm going to do a contest for a give away of some of my stash.  Honey found it last week.  More details to come after I hit 100.
Thanks for reading my blog all.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Slow progress

It's been a long week. I had more parental issues to deal with. My 58 year old mother is now in a rest home. She's not happy about that, it was a last resort after her stubbornness and poor decision making on her part. Mostly due to effects of her stroke 5 years ago. Dad is waiting to be placed in long term care with Dementia. He's only almost 64. Which leaves the house to deal with. If anything I would like to pass on to you all. Discuss plans with your parents, doesn't matter their age. Make sure they have a will drawn up and a power of attorney appointed to make financial and health decisions, especially if they ever get deemed incompetent for whatever reason. Laws maybe different in other countries, but it is very important it's taken care of so you don't have so much red tape to deal with should the time come.

Moving on.... Daisy square blanket progress. One more row of squares to go. It more baby blanket size. And border of course. 

On the weekend, honey and I went to a local Funfest and got to see a few rock tribute bands. One of them being a tribute band for Kiss called Destroyer.  

And the Carnival is in town. 

And we have a big fireworks show every year for Canada Day and the 4th of July for the Americans on the river.

Have a good week everyone!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Daisy Granny Blanket

I completed and joined another two rows this week.  I blocked my original 3 and found it did help flatten the joined areas.  I have 3 more rows of squares to go.  Then I will do a nice border.  The size of the completed blanket will probably be just a throw or baby blanket.  

It's Father's Day and for me just like any other.  I was going to go see mine, but he doesn't know who I am anyway.  He has Dimentia.  I just try to remember the good things from him over the years.  This is one of his carvings I have of his.  He got into that years back when he was working and falling asleep at his machine.  So, he started carving to keep him awake.  How he decided to do this particular thing, I do not know.  I do believe that is where I get my creative side from however.  Thank god for that, as well as inheriting his good work ethic.  Thanks Dad.  

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sunshine Award

Hello Blog friends!

Today, Eileen @ Crochet Attic awarded me the Sunshine award. Thank you so much Eileen. I really appreciate this.Sunshine Award rules:

1.       Thank the blogger who nominated you : YES2.       Answer 10 questions on your favorite things3.       Nominate 10 blogs to receive the sunshine award and let them know they’ve been nominatedFavorite animal: catsFavorite number: 4Favorite non alcoholic drink: CoffeeFacebook or Twitter: facebook, but twitter is starting to be usefulMy passion: crochet, and just making anything.Getting or giving : givingFavorite pattern: Daisy Square Pattern by My Rose ValleyFavorite day of the week: SaturdayFavorite flower: Calla LilliesFavorite country: Canada

I don’t have much follower or blog friends but first 5 blogs are always following every post on my blog so, I consider them blog friends and they always have interesting blog post. They deserve this award. 

Top 10 Favourite Blogs: (Hard to pick, no particular order)

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10.  Crochet Attic

And on to some progess and stuff.  Besides still dealing with more of my parents issues, I am still managing to make things to warm my heart.  I have completed 4 rows now on my Daisy Granny Blanket.  Pictured here is only 3.  I am going to block the joined 3 rows, then join those later.

And to share another item I found at a yard sale on the weekend.....

It needs some work, like a can of dark pink spray paint, basket and crocheted seat cover ;).  Also wheels need some balancing.  Love the handle bars, just like I remember as a kid.  I spent an hour or so when I got it home polishing up the chrome fenders. Later, honey adjusted the handle bar height and seat for me.  After taking it for a spin in the neighbourhood, I didn't realize how much you feel the effects of the one speed bike on the knees.  LOL You know you're out of shape when. HAHA  Later on Sunday we also made it out to the beach for a while.  It was such a lovely day.

Have a good week everyone!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy crochet

So I finally got joining my daisy granny squares.  I was originally just going to join them as they were but after using the join as you going tutorial from Carina's Craft Blog and seen how nice the squares looked with the added white border, I added that to my mini squares and I think it looks good that way.

I treated myself Saturday and got my hair thinned out.  I have thick heavy hair and get so hot in the summer.  Afterwards I went to our market to pick up some veg and noticed the trade center area had been moved and went to check it out.  I picked up one of those floor baskety things that holds your yarn projects.  Not sure if there is a name for them. But they're good for beside your chair to work on your project. 

I had one from years ago, a tapestry material. This one caught my eye because of the bright cheery green. So this one is deemed the daisy square project holder.  I even talked the seller down a $1.  So after the market I hit a thrift store and found some goodies.  All for under $3.

And when I went out that day I took my African Flower Bag as I finally finished and attached the handles. Still some finishing touches of the drawstring and maybe buttons.

When at the market trade center I got to show it off to the ladies that I had made my bag. :)

And finally, I have a few more rows on the Ripple Blankets. Slowly but surely.
Have a good weekend everyone!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Granny Madness

      Mini daisy granny squares are laid out and ready to join.  It's been a busy week, otherwise I would have started that process already.  I also finished the handles on my African flower bag and attached them.  I just have to make the drawstring.  Picture to come.  Happy Thursday!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Daisy Grannies

So my mini daisy granny squares are coming along.  They are so quick to work up. I think 6 different colour schemes will be enough.  I am debating on which join method to use. The flat braid style looks pretty.

The blue in the front is the last colour series then to join.  I can't wait until these are put together in a finished blanket.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Mother Nature

Why can't mother nature co-ordinate her crying spells to not happen on weekends.  Especially weekends where you have an extra days off work and had plans.  Oh well. I did get some relief of good news for my efforts to help my parents this week.  A load lifted.  

I have been working on my mini daisy granny squares.  Now I'm thinking I'll be making them in the varied colours and then joining for a small blanket most likely.  Make a nice boarder for it.  

They work up really quick actually and easy to take with you. As for my other projects.  My last completed project is off to my friend. Still working on my ripple blanket.  Did end up with some new yarns this week, thanks to E-bay.  I really need to stay off that app.  

Anyway, Happy Weekend All!