Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fall Days and Crochet

Almost there progress on my ripple. According to Ravelry I started on Feb 18th. Of course throughout the summer I didn't work on it much as there wasn't a need for the blanket. Once I get to my desired length I want to do an edging up the two sides to hide the joins.  I don't know if you can see the slight bump on left of picture.  That's my baby cat who likes to sleep under the sheet.  He just got dental work done yesterday and they ended up having to take out 5 teeth.  Poor guy, but it hasn't affected his appetite.

Scarf progress.

I had the day off yesterday.  Dropped the cat off at the vet, hit the 50% off sale at the thrift store and found some sweaters a purse and a few clothing items for my folks. Then went and had a massage and got my nails done.  Blue-tipped with flower design on ring finger.  And this is my Saturday morning Cappuccino, yes that is my Donald Duck spoon from when I was young.

We had two Indian summer like days here this week that got to 70+ degrees F.  On my lunch hour one day I went for a stroll at a park and snapped some nice pics of the trees.

I was even walking and crocheting at the same time and this couple stopped and said, not everyone can do that.  I said I'm multi-tasking. LOL
It just seems to be a required skill in life. 

I stopped by a gift store yesterday and had to stop and snap these gorgeous items.  I LOVE SNOWMEN!! If I were rich I'd buy them all up. 

I found a hook that you put in the garden to hang plant/bird feeder at this store.  I got my dad a bird feeder to put outside his window and his care home.  I got the suet kind so we don't have to keep getting seed. I hope he gets some birds to his window.  Seems most people had one in front of their windows.  He loved feeding them when he was back at home.  

And finally, my project I finished up last weekend.  I've been itching to make something with my owl fabric.  So I got out the sewing machine, inter-facing and made this little pouch.  I'm using to carry my crochet hooks. 


Have a groovy weekend crafty peeps!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Small Progress

Oh it's been a busy week.  Well I did make something last weekend I didn't get around to blogging about.  I wanted to make a small table cover.  It's a bit short in the length for my table so I think I'll have to add two more squares on each end. Then of course it will need blocking to lay flat.  Mostly in nice fall colours. 

I found some new colours of yarn at the thrift store this week.  One of my favourites, Bernat Satin, in Taupe, Mocha and Sage.  They'll go nicely with my existing Satin collection of colours.

Started making some African flowers with this colour scheme.

And another pic of the cats.  Yes I like to do funny things to him. LOL.  He's wearing my hair piece.

Happy Friday and Weekend!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday's Tally's

Just a few of my many projects on the go.  A row a day if possible. 

New crochet stitch, Angel Stitch, I found a tutorial on You Tube along with my new nails. 

And a new yarn my co-worker has been raving about.  Bernat's Premium yarn. So far we can only find here at Walmart.  It is much nicer and softer to work with than the Super Saver.

And just a few miscellaneous pics.  My cat, love to dress him up.

He's especially cute when he's cuddled up in the bed.

And we got a new microwave stand. Whoohoo. I had my grandpa's old one from probably the early '90's, you know that brown chip board.  This I think is much better and brighten's up the kitchen.  We also treated the cats to a watering fountain, on lower right of picture.  I think they like it.

And finally, I was visiting my aunt and we were going through old pictures and I had to take a picture of this one. My mimi & pipi's wedding photo.  I showed a co-worker today and she said, gee that looks like my grandparents wedding photo.  I guess that was the style back then.

Well, happy hump day tomorrow!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fall Colours

I've made some progress on that scarf from last post.  I'm really loving the pattern, feel of the yarn and the colours.  

And today at lunch I went for a drive to enjoy the colours of fall and managed to get a few pics of some gorgeous coloured trees. 

I shared this on Instagram today.  A picture of my Starbucks coffee mug.  My honey said it was ugly and may find it missing one day.  So I took it to work.  Then when having my late morning java, with the stress and scatterbrained head I reached for something and knocked the mug over.  Coffee all over my pants, and into my keyboard.  Lovely, now my desk smells like coffee. As you can see the bottoms is a bit too tapered.  May have to rethink the mug.

And finally, to share a strange experience this morning.  As I am leaving for work I went to the road side to pick up the recycle bins to bring them to the house.  I glanced up to see the neighbours blinds open, of which they never usually are; we live in attached units, and see the neighbours boyfriends standing in the window buck naked.  Mind you it was a quick glance and it seemed like it was on purpose to freak me out or something.  I pretended I didn't seem him.  
But, what a way to start the day.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Scarf Goodness

Just a quick post before having to start making some Thanksgiving foods.  I found this scarf pattern on Planet June.  At first I was having trouble with following it but I donated the $1 to get the better instructions.  I had this Berroco Comfort DK that I got from E-bay.  It's so soft and light weight I thought it would be perfect for a scarf.

Yes, it's going to be for a Christmas gift.  The nice thing about the colours, minus the Instagram effect, it's not too overly holiday coloured.  It's a deeper red and muted green and a nice off white.  

I also just listed a few more of my creations on my Etsy shop.  I've been putting that off for a bit.  

Happy Sunday!!

Saturday, October 6, 2012


I am most thankful for crochet and yarn of course.  As well, my family, my honey, my cats, employment, being able to buy food whenever and the caring people who have listened to my parental drama in the last few years.  Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canadian's.

I got myself a white pumpkin this year.  I painted it up similar to the one I had bought this week for my desk at work.  

I got some more rows done on my 50 shades of grey ripple.  It's Charisma's Loops and Threads yarn from Michael's.  So soft and cozy. 

I'm trying to get on small projects for Christmas gifts for my family, but not enough time in the day or enough attention span. LOL