Sunday, January 13, 2019

New Year, New Projects


Hope you all had a great holiday and New Years. Back to the daily grind again.


I'm still on my sewing kick.  Making a few things for the kitchen.

I've been to Fabricland adding some supplies to my stash.

I made this cute little bag for a friends little girl.  Now she carries her dolls 
beach accessories in it.

For crochet, I'm still working on this project.

And made a few bandana's for my kitties.

It's hard getting back into routine after the holidays. 

Have a good weekend all!

Saturday, December 29, 2018


Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas.  Our was nice and quiet. 
I worked on some sewing and crochet but mostly sewing with my new 
machine.  I may have to change my name. LOL

Made this quick Christmas tree.

Finally got to quilt this project I started years ago with the old machine.

Made myself a new lanyard key holder.

And I got out the old project of English Paper Pieces. 
Below are the pics when I started them nearly 5 years ago.
My how time flies.

Hubby and I went to the Light Festival we have in our city.  We've had no snow that
stayed this year yet. 

Hope everyone has a Happy and Safe New Years!! Cheers.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Christmas Already?

Oh how Christmas comes upon us so quickly. Hubby asked what I wanted and 
and new sewing machine it is.  My old one just wasn't doing it anymore. I searched
online for reviews and local area.  Not many sold in our area except big box store.
I went to a local sewing quilting shop who carries the line I saw a great review on 
You Tube, Babylock Katherine seemed fabulous, until she told me the price, $1400.
I want a decent sewing machine not a used car.   Costco had a good reduced deal on 
this Janome 6100 and for the features it has it seemed like a good price.

I comes with the extended quilt table and finally a needle threader.  Getting older the eyes
appreciates this feature. I waited till this weekend to get making anything.  I have a few
quick presents I wanted to make and managed two Tea Bag Wallets.

I made some a few years ago, they are easy enough to make and great for 
tea drinkers.  The only thing I find with this machine is the plastic parts. The 
thread spool at the top, plastic by the handle. 

The other weekend I was going through my yarn stash and found 6 balls of these colors
of chunky yarn.  So I started a shrug like wrap. 

And still working on a few rows here and there on this feather and fan knitting.
Working for a living really gets in the way of my creative endeavours. Must continue
to play lottery.

I had to go to Michael's for a specific thread color and found these were on sale, 1/2 the price they usually are.  Now to find a good pattern for these delicious skeins.

And for my kitties.

If I don't post before Christmas have a wonderful holiday with your family!!!

Friday, November 16, 2018

A Bit of This and That

I frogged a projected I started back in April.  I loved the yarn itself an knew it would make a great wearable item as it is so soft. I tried a crochet pattern before but found I didn't keep count very well.  I have always wanted to knit the Fan and Feather pattern and thought this yarn would be perfect for it.  I found a pattern on Ravelry and away I went using stitch markers to make the pattern row easier.  

I also finished off this scarf project started many moons ago with Martha Stewart's Alpaca Blend.  

Today is a day off for me and that means pulling out another project I haven't worked on in a while.  I could be so productive if work didn't get in the way.  This was a crochet blanket I started probably for a donation project, stash busting.

I popped into Michael's Craft store yesterday to drool over the holiday decorations and new yarns they have out, like I need more yarn.

These look like they'd make some nice items.

And one of my fur babies.  Yes, he's in pajama's Sammy feels special in his jammies.

And my princess in her dress. 

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Feeling of Finished

Looking back at my pictures when I first started this project, it was early 2017. It took three skeins of the Caron Cakes to complete this blanket.  It's drapped over our loveseat so it did make a good sized blanket. My aunt asked if I would like to donate one of my works for a fundraiser for her grand daughter. I said sure, almost finished a blanket now. That's always good inspiration to not dilly dally at a project.

And on another fund raising note, my work is having one for our downtown
mission. I put this basket together of the Christmas crochet wreath I finished 
last year and a few dish cloths I knitted. 

And a few pics of the kitties. Buddies.

My girl.

Happy weekend all!