Sunday, October 23, 2022

Creative Mojo

I have some creative mojo back. I've been crocheting a bit more lately with some mini squares and a baby blanket for my cousin's new baby on the way.

The weather for late October has been so nice I got to do some crocheting outdoors. 

I never tried cross stitch before but when I saw this pattern by @Helenphillipsdesigns after the Queen passed I had to try it.  Found this rainbow sticker of the Queen on Etsy.

      I did learn not to cut the Aida too close to size as i had to alt some stitches to fit the material. 

Then Helen Phillips came out with this next pattern and had to do this one as well.

Added a knitted pumpkin to my fall decor collection. 

Late August spent some time outside with my girl.

The cats do love some outdoor time.  Mostly on the porch or in the stroller.


August was mostly hot and dry but did get a nice rainbow.

The garden is done for the year. We still have a few things out that are cold tolerant.
We got a lot of beans and try that green been casserole reciped with the cream soups and
french fried onions on top for the first time.  

Pickled some of our peppers but we froze quite a bit of them to to add to dishes.

I got out for probably one of the last bike rides this weekend with our warmer weather
for late October.  Great time of year here as the colors on trees are superb.

Happy Fall Y'all! 



Saturday, August 13, 2022

Long Time No Post


I haven't been crafting much this summer.  A few things here and there but just enjoying some summer days, the less humid one, and time in the garden with hubby and the cats.  They love sitting on the porch sniffing the air and watching the bee, butterflies and for the first time hummingbird.  

I've always wanted to make a crocheted sunflower.  I saw an image on Pinterest and looked through 
patterns for crocheting the sunflower.  I used some old fake flower stems and covered in the green yarn
and made the leaves.  It's a super cute desk decoration.

Back in April I made myself a new bicycle seat cover using up some of my cotton yarn stash.

A spring watercolor, not my favourite but practise.

I did this painting which was a fun challenge. I saw a similar one on Instagram and changed it up a bit with the pots and plants. 

A floral watercolor doodle I did from a You Tube tutorial.

Late May garden start.  

Turned into this in July.

We've had a better cucumber year than last.  Still dealing with the beetles but we've kept on 
top of them with squishing and spraying with need and soapy solution.

Even got into canning pickles this year and made a relish.

Bread and butter pickles.

Classic dills

From a dozen potatoes we put in a grow bag it turned into 30 or so potoatoes.  We'll 
definately grow them again. Carrots were actually a bit larger than last year.  
They are tricky to grow to a decent size.  Our were planted in loose soil in a raise bed.
I got another Sugar Baby watermelon again this year. So sweet.  A second one is growing
but not too quickly or large as the first. Vine borer I think got to the stem.

Lots of Tiny Tim tomatoes, our Super Sweet 100's are coming on.
Bell and banana peppers are coming in.

Zinnia's and my munkin Sunflower.

Here's our hummingbird visitors.  Now that he knows we have a good variety
of flowers he keeps coming back.

First year growing chamomile.  Onions and chives in front pot.

The cats love outside time.  Even got a stroller this year to take them out
for walks with me.

Yes, i'm the crazy cat lady. LOL

I found some African Flower squares i had started years ago in my craft cupboard
and finished them off and joined.  I think this will be a cushion cover.

Hope everyone is doing well.  Work life is hybrid now, two weeks at home and one 
week in the office. I'm looking forward to fall.  This humid summer is not my cup
of tea. 

Saturday, April 9, 2022

Into Spring 2022


Hope everyone is doing well.  After my last post I made another speckled knit hat except this time I followed the pattern more accurately and it came out the size I originally intended and adorned it with a fur pom pom.  The second is more a large adult sized hat the original being more teen sized.

And yet another random WIP knitting, simple knitting with stash I've had for a while.

My only Valentine's crochet attempt this year from Repeat Crafter Me's pattern.
Another stash busting project of squares.

Added a few more of these motifs to this project.  Feels good to get back into crochet
after a long bout of tendinitis.  This is using up the yarn left over from Attic 24's Dahlia blanket I made in 2020. 

After many starting attempts I'm finally into sock knitting currently working on the heal flap. 

Work has been extra stressful lately as we got cyber attacked. Still working from home with a bout back in the office for a week to get updated computer followed by a much needed week stay-cation.
I did get to more crafting including these little bunny cups, also from Repeat Crafter Me's pattern.

Made an Easter Mug Rug from The Seasoned Homemaker's pattern.  She used random pastel strips on the outer portions but I had this already Easter themed fabric to use. 

This staycation also fell during my birthday weekend and hubby and I went out to the county to some garden centers which is always relaxing. 

Kitties are doing well, my girl had a few more teeth out during my time off. She's had teeth out before as she is getting older but is recovering well.

And my boys are doing well also. 

Spring is always exciting, new growth and life.  Hubby's has started seeds, some inside under the grow lights and some cold weather crops in reused juice bottles outside.

We even got a random visitor in the back, wild turkey.

Take care all!