Sunday, April 19, 2015

Stash busting

I've been working on a few things, basically just to stash bust and a good way to do so is with grannies or granny stripes. It is yet to be determined what these will turn into.  Any suggestions?   
Purse/Bag maybe. 

I've also been back working on my poncho.  It is almost a suitable length to wear. 

We went out for our first bike ride of the year, with my newly finished seat cover. I even got stopped by a compliment on it. 

Happy Weekend all!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Happy Weekends

I made these little cuties last week from Repeat Crafter Me's patterns. I attached the pin 
backing on each.  Makes for cute little gifts. 

I haven't made a lot new this week.  Mostly worked on WIP.

The weather is finally warming up.  Honey and I went on a few nature walks yesterday.
The birds were out and frogs mating.  

And today is another lovely day.  May have to get out the bike.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Birthday Happiness

I finally finished my bicycle seat cover.  I am anxiously awaiting the perfect temperature
to go out on the bike.  It's been a long sedentary winter and desperately need some 
exercise outside.

I've had some days off for my birthday and Good Friday.  Yesterday I finally got the sewing machine out to do some projects.  I made 3 of these tea wallets.

For my birthday I spent the day with my cousin and her little one. I had to get a picture of the hat I got him.  He didn't mind it and actually kept it on for a while. My co-worker got my a wonderful fruit and vegetable basket. I came home from work and my honey surprised me with this cake. And as you can see I got some fun owl pressies. 

Happy Easter Weekend All!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

More spring

I made a new Easter items for my nephew this week. I should be seeing him later in the week for a meet up with my cousin for my birthday.  Of course my suck loves it when I'm covered in my crochet blankets so he can cuddle.

Here is an interesting tree found on a nature walk last weekend.

You know it's spring when you spot your first Cardinal in the back yard.

Happy Weekend all!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spring is Here

Time flies when you work a lot. Last week I worked 60 hours so there was little time for my crafting. I did however get some done on the weekends.

I made this little mini bag for a co-worker's birthday this week.  
A mini Lucy bag if you will.

I've still been plugging away at this crochet stripey blanket. 
I'm planning on giving to my cousin's little one.

Still knitting away.  I love this self striping yarn. Had I know it was going to knit up like this, I would have not made my caplet with it knitting in the round.

A few weekends ago we went for a walk at a local conservation area and the deer
were out in full force.  They are such beautiful creatures.

Happy weekend all!!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

This and That

Not much in the crafting department this week.  I did a bit of knitting here yesterday.
Work has been busy and is only going to get more busy to come. 

What I have been doing to keep calm and sane is my new addiction.

I'm on Season 4 now.  I even saw a PBS documentary about the Highclere Castle that the show is filmed in, so beautiful.

It's been really cold here in Ontario this month with freezing rain earlier in the week that has left snowy fields iced over.  I had to get some pictures.

And to leave on a note to make you smile.  My cat.

Gotta love the fisheye filter.

Happy weekend all.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Goodbye February

My collage for February.  It's been a busy month but I still have managed some craft.
I knitted this neck cuff. Just knit 4 purl 4.  It's so very warm.

One month till my vacation week and birthday.  I hope it'll be nice enough weather
to get out my bicycle.  This winter has added some pounds. March 1st and it's snowing.

Just a little collage of my fur babies.  They are waiting for spring as well. 
And yes, my cat loves cantaloupe.  He's weird.

Happy weekend all.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Keep Calm and Keep Warm

I have WIP ADD.  I admit it.  I know many other crafters have this same disease. 
Is it curable? Doubt it.  It's just how we roll.  
I'm still getting some rows in on the green, blue and white blanket.  I started a scarf in a 
stitch my co-worker recommends.  Just knit 2, purl 2 for two rows and then switch for two 
rows.  It makes a nice textured surface and an angular pattern.
Then I wanted to stash bust with some chunky yarn so I started this red, white and blue
something.  Maybe a cowl or a scarf.  Anything to aid in keeping warm with our record breaking temperatures here these weeks, wind chills ranging from -30 - 40 degrees C.
I know it's Canada but we're the most southern part and usually the warmest.

I had my ears re-pierced again. I had let my main one close up. Ear piercing isn't as cheap as I remember it.  Of course it depends on the earring you choose.  I'm not extremely sensitive so 
I chose this Hello Kitty one.  Yes, I'm a big fan still at my age. 

And for cat lovers out there, I saw this cute story.

Happy weekend all!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

It's been a stressful week at work.  I've worked 10 extra hours this week and have had no desire to crochet.  That is bad.  The only good thing is the nights at work flew by.  
Thursday night I came home and honey surprised me with this, having been so stressed all week I just weeped, but it felt good.

This is the only projected I managed a few stitches on.  It shall be a baby blanket.

And another project I pick up here and there.

I still haven't heard from my giveaway winner Jackie who commented.  I'll give it another week.
If I don't hear from her, and want to win please comment again on this post.  

Hope everyone is staying warm.  It's a super cold one here today.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Crochet Cushion

Happy weekend all!! I am late posting as I had to work on Saturday, more money for yarn I guess. I finished my cushion.  I added a flap and heart shaped buttons.  It's so cuddly and happy how it turned out.  

And for my Giveaway for my 1000 Bloglovin followers, I had my honey pull a name and the winner is Jackie who commented on my last post.  So Jackie, please email me your info to
I added some goodies to the scarf.

Well keep warm everyone.  We just got a good dumping of snow overnight.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Thank You Followers

This week I reached a 1000 followers on Bloglovin.  In honour of that I would like to do a giveaway for this scarf above.  I absolutely love these colours together. I will probably add a few crochet surprised with this.   If you would like to win this scarf.  Please leave me a comment below and I will draw a winner next weekend, January 31.
Thank you all again for being interested in my crochet!

I'm almost done the back of my cushion cover. I can't wait to put it together.

This week I managed to whip up this crochet headband.  I used Cre8tion Crochet's pattern, Sleek and Skinny Ear Warmer/Headband.  The only problem is after done, it doesn't quite fit my head.  LOL
I measured the starting chain to my head but the finished product, not so much.  But, I did see a tutorial to crochet around an elastic. So I may try that to add to the back. 

I added the elastic. Much better fit. 

Well I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Don't forget to leave a comment if you wish to enter winning my crocheted scarf!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Cushion Cover

The only thing I've been working on this week is this cushion cover.  Front is done and I started the back doing the Cozy Stripe from Attic24.

I'm hoping to have more time soon to work on other projects on the go.  But we always say that and then life happens.  

Happy weekend all!!