Friday, May 19, 2017

Life's Chaos

How is it that you push to the side one of your favourite things to do?  Your hobby crocheting. I have managed adding a few rounds.  I even managed finding the skein of Caron Cakes Buttercream I had been looking for.  I continues on with the Bernat Pop which added a darker punch but going back to the Buttercream should finish it off nicely.  When and if I ever get it finished.  It's a long weekend here in Canada, Victoria Day weekend, so I'm hoping to get some more crafty time in.  

Honey and I got the garden up and going last weekend.  We got cherry tomatoes, beefsteak tomatoes, chives, rosemary, basil and bell peppers started.  I still want to get some cucumbers.

My favourite season is spring.  Witnessing the new signs of animal life.  I love to scope out the new families of baby geese and ducks while out on my bike rides.  This week we've had some 80+ degree weather.  I usually work a steady afternoon shift but due to a sick leave by a co-worker on days I was asked to cover and got to pick a shift of 10am-6pm of which is perfect for me.  I'm not a super early morning person.  It's let me enjoy some nice evenings at the perfect time of year. 

I've finally been able to take advantage of taking some great pictures with the new phone camera.

Baby ducks.

I'm still occupied by my fitness weight loss goals. I've dropped 25 lbs from the beginning of the year. Mostly by cutting out the bad white starchy carbs and sugars.  It's hard but it's has to be a mental thing and will power.  

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Small Progress

Good Saturday morning all.  Weather is starting to brighten each day, despite the April rain showers I had on my vacation week last week.  I did get beautiful weather on the weekends though.  I even took time for crochet.

For this project i carried on with a light beige and then went to the Bernat Pop yarn. 
I don't think it's too much of a change at all.  Just different shades of browns.
I got a new owl mug from a day trip we went on last weekend.

I added more squares to this project.  Not sure yet what it'll be, most likely another blanket.

We went to an Antique store and I found this fun coloured quilt for my bed and 
I knew my girl would look pretty on it. 

I got myself my favorite flower. Sadly now they are all wilted.

 We went to a butterfly conservatory last weekend.  I've never been to one before, my honey had and he said this one had a lot more butterflies flying around but the place was smaller. 
Still it was an interesting experience.

And a few Antique shops and others while in a small Mennonite area.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Leap Into Spring

I've been doing a bit more crochet lately.  Mostly on the weekends.  The weeks just fly by, gym, work, house chores, pet attention, hubby attention. Finally come the weekend i pull out my projects and unwind crocheting while usually watching Hockey Saturday nights. I had boughten a Caron Cake yarn skein in buttercream a while back and started making this star shaped throw.

I only bought one skein, my bad, to go back to Michael's craft store to find they haven't had this color in quite some time.  I've search online with no luck for the buttercream. I popped into Walmart one day and they had these by Bernat.  It's a similar colorway just has some darker brown shades.

Sadly, I think I will have to continue with that. I think it'll be a complementary color scheme to what I have already started. What do you think?

And on the trip to Michael's to see if they had the buttercream in, these small skeins of fun colours caught my eye and envisioned a project in my head. They were only a $1.25 each.  Then I had a coupon for the big skein of white for joining. 

Work in Progress.

Just a few pics of the fur babies.

Keegan is turning 15 this month.  Also my birthday this weekend. Honey and I going out for a romantic birthday dinner.  And for dessert, a week off of work. 

Happy Weekend All!!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Times change

I've managed to finish some projects in these last few weeks.  I made another Minion headband just a bit larger size, both child sizes that I hope to sell.  

I had this puppy hat 3/4 finished down in my bin of unfinished projects.  So I pulled it out one Sunday and finished it and is now on my Etsy.
Made this apple cozy.

And on a sad note, our Tigger has been sick for a long time.  We had taken him to 2 different vets to see what was wrong with him.  We got him from the Humane Society at 2 years of age not knowing he had a poop issue.  It was never solid. Regardless, he had such a friend face, temperament and playful nature we kept him.  Over the years we went through many baby wipes keeping his back side clean as to not get it all over the house.  A few years ago he changed, body mass, personality.  He lost a lot of weight and these last few months very boney. I was afraid his bones would break just picking him up.  The one thing he did look forward to lately was when I'd come home from the gym he knew i cooked eggs and he loved the yoke.  So that was our routine, make him and egg. 
The picture above is when we first got him. 

This is last summer.

This was on Sunday. 

It was a hard decision for my honey and I to make but we knew it was time.  He was just existing. Not playing anymore.  We took him in and put him to rest.  I always knew we'd have to one day and seemed prepared for it but it still hit hard and hurts.  
RIP My sweet boy Tigger.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

This and That

It's amazing how fast the holidays have come and gone.  I'm a creature of routine and found the holidays to be disrupting to my schedule, mostly my gym workouts.  I've been going to the gym for almost a year now at least 3 days a week.  I think I proved my honey wrong in thinking I'd stop going after a few months.  It's just become routine now.  Mostly for health benefits, build muscle and lose weight at the same time.  

We had a nice quiet dinner at home with the cats.  There was lots of hockey to watch over the holidays as well.  It was our one cats first Christmas with us and didn't seem fazed by it and possibly be the last for another who has been sick and getting thinner. 

I did work on a few projects and started this puzzle I got last year.


I made a hat.

Some holiday ornaments for gifts.

And the Christmas pictures of the cats.

Hope everyone had a great holiday and new year!!