Sunday, November 22, 2015

Tis the Season

Tis the season to get those crafts done for Christmas gifts. So many ideas and yarn and so little time. 
I finished this large yarn scarf for a swap gift. 


I'm halfway done the scarf for myself to go with my new winter coat.  I did frog it the first time doing a 4 X 4 row of knit purl but found it curled too much on the ends.  So I restarted doing a 2 X 2 knit purl instead.

Over night we got our first snow of the year.  Not as much as some areas but we're lucky in that respect in our region of Canada. 

Happy weekend all!!

Saturday, November 14, 2015


So Michael's craft store had a great sale on yarn. I've been eyeing the large needle and large yarns for a while now.   It's a bit more awkward to knit with but works up quickly.
Yarn below I'm making a scarf for my new winter coat this year.

And Vegan updates, I've lost a bit more weight.  Tried Bulgar Wheat for the first time with vegetables and it's delicious.  

That's all for an update today.  Happy Weekend all.  
Prayers for Paris.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

This and That

I finished the black shrug for my co-worker but forget to get a picture of the finished product.  What was I thinking?  I edged it with the glittery black and it looks nice on the recipient.

I also sold my Angry Bird hat that was in my Etsy store for a while.  YAY.

I have a new favourite cup in my cupboard.  Love my owls.

I made my first Vegan pizza this week.  Used some Seitan for a meat protein substitute and Daiya cheese ( dairy free ), only I found it too creamy texture on it so next pizza I'll omit that.

I found this tea on Amazon and it's just amazing. 

Halloween is now over.  I always have to get out a costume to dress up the cats and since it was Pippa first Halloween with us she was the lucky one. She looks impressed doesn't she?

Sunday, October 18, 2015


Fall is my favourite time of year.  It makes you want to pull out that yarn and make something, anything just so long as it's on your hook.  Yesterday was I Love Yarn day and I only bought one ball of yarn, black to finish off the shrug I've been working on.  I just have to fit it to the person it's for and finish off with the fancy black I got for the edging.  I did manage to make a little pumpkin in between.  

Today honey and I went for a lovely nature walk.  It was a bit on the cool side but I don't mind when I get these cuties landing in my hand. 

The Vegan thing has been going well.  I've noticed some changes in the fit of clothing and digestion.
I bought my first Vegan face product today at LUSH.  Most of their products are Vegan friendly but the only thing is they are a bit pricey.  I don't mind considering how their made and recyclable container and all. Has anyone else tried LUSH products and if so what one are your favourites?
Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Hello Fall

The cooler weather always makes you want to pull out the yarn and start something, anything.  
So I pulled out this chunky yarn to make my Pippa girl a little blanket.

She has this spot on the pads she sleeps but she needs a cute pink blanket. 
She's been a great addition to our home but still miss Marma everyday.

The last few weeks honey and I have been on a similar shift to be able to take him to work as my old car has seen it's days.  When you start to have to put so  much money in it than it's worth it's time.
So we have been out in search of a newer reliable car to hopefully last us a long time.  After reading about the most reliable cars on the net, Honda was always near the top.  Of course my old car is a 22 year hold Honda so we know how reliable they can be for a long time.
Last weekend we found it, a three year old Civic with only 13,400 kilometres on it. Almost too good to be true but an elderly person had it before and clearly barely drove it. 

After driving an older car for so long it seems weird. 

Maybe now we can go back to our usual routine and I can get back into crochet, knitting and sewing more.  That is after my thumb has healed from near cutting the end of it off preparing a meal and using a mandala. 
The Vegan diet has been going well.  I'm down 6lbs and feel good. 

Well happy weekend all!!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2015


I've managed a bit of crochet these last few weeks.  I'm still working on the black shawl and should be nearly done.  And I've been making some grannies and motifs for gifts. 

I got myself a new puzzle. It's so cute I couldn't resist

And I couldn't resist on this shower curtain.

These last few weeks I've converted over to the Vegan diet.  Not just for diet purposes but for overall better health in general.  The more I read the more it makes sense.
I made a great stir fry one day and didn't miss meat in it at all. 

It's been an adjustment in trying to stock cupboards with none dairy no meat ingredients. 

Hope everyone is well and keep crocheting.  
Happy Weekend.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Poncho Finished

I finally finished my poncho.  I was going to make it longer but I ran out of the brown which I just had enough to do a single crochet round to finish it off.  And to get the edges to lay flat I just got a new iron with steaming ability and steamed the edges over a towel.

I'm slowing getting my crochet mojo back.  Maybe it's just a summer thing when we get too busy.

 I've been busy getting my new feline friend accustomed to our home.
After Marma passed it left a void of a cuddly companion.  I do still have my other two cats but their not the cuddling kind.  We had been visiting the local Humane Society for about a month on the weekends.   There were a few contenders but I came to love this gorgeous girl.

She officially got her name tag, Pippa. I thinks she's feeling quite at home.

And the others are getting used to her.  She's a very vocal girl with a weird meow but we love her all the same.  

Happy weekend all!!!

Monday, August 17, 2015

New Beginnings

Last Sunday we started off the week going to a demolition derby.  I did put sunblock on knowing we'd be in the sun.  I wore a hat but was wearing a tank top.  The venue didn't have shade. Hence, I ended up with the above sunburn.  Probably the worst I've ever had.  Currently it's now peeling.
And for almost 3-4 weeks now honey and I have been visiting pets stores holding adoption events for cats and visiting the Humane Society.  We've seen a few the we looked at but consider how their temperament is in our home and with the other cats.  We went Saturday and I fell in love with this precious girl.  She's five years old but a small cat for five and compared to my other two.  I found she loved to be pet, cuddled in my arms, had a cute meow and loves to purr.  All were a must in what I was looking for in a cat.  Marma was like that, and that's what I missed the most.
I pulled out some crochet tonight and she was content in sitting next to me belly up and purring.
Maybe that's why I lost some of that crochet mojo.  I didn't have my crochet companion to keep me company while doing my favourite hobby.  However, taking a break has helped my shoulder a bit.

In the shelter she was named Meesha. I do not know if that was her name before being surrendered but I decided to call her Pippa. 

The other two cats doesn't not seem to faze her.  However they're not too happy right now with her in their territory. The oldest has seen a number of cats come and go but the other hasn't. 
Only time will tell.  They give you two weeks to see how the new cat will fit into your home which is a nice option. 
Happy weekend all.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Blissful Summer

I've been working on this shrug still a few rows at a time.  I think I've lost my crochet mojo.
I picked up this ball of Isaac Mizrahi yarn at Michael's on clearance thinking it will finish of
the edge of the shrug nicely.

The only other crochet I have managed is this flower motif. And I've started reading the 3rd book in the Friday Night Knitting Club series.

Just a pic here of my crochet corner.

I had yesterday off so I went to my hair dresser to get a new style, shorter and more stylish.

And then went a got a pedicure.  Only the second I've ever had but what a treat.

Honey and I went out to the Friday Night market. Vendors and local brews.

Happy Weekend all!!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Heating Up

This last week I haven't crocheted much except for added a few squares here and a row on the black shrug I've been working on.  It's either been too hot or I have been too sore in the shoulders.
And I came home from work Friday night with the AC broken down.  Yesterday was 90 degrees with humidex over 100.  I called a repair guy and we're all fixed now.   

However, I did finish my puzzle.  Of course that could have added to the sore shoulders leaning over the table while working on it. 

It's so pretty.  Now what to do with it.  I'd like to glue it on a board or something.  

Last weekend a house down the street had a yard sale. I found this cute basket and then
made this liner for it.  A WIP basket to keep yarn in.

We did have a gorgeous day this week that I had to get out on the bike.

Happy Weekend All!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Small Progress

Yesterday I had off and got to hit a thrift store.  I found this J.K. Rowling book for .50 cents. 
I enjoyed a long overdue visit with my chiropractor. The shoulder is feeling a bit better but of course that usually means having to keep going to keep the relief up.  I've worked on this shrug a bit. I got quite a few rows done last weekend while we were driving through the county.

But I must admit, I have a new addiction.  Jigsaw puzzles.  I had ordered a few from a site I found.
Bits & Pieces. They have puzzles, home and garden decor items etc. I picked one of a cat in a door way with flowers. Of course I didn't realize it was a round puzzle until it came. 

I've taken pictures each day of the progress. It's going on day 5.  This one is not so easy.

And I found this picture on facebook.  Can you imagine if it were true.  A girl can dream.

Happy weekend all!!!