Saturday, October 25, 2014

Ode To Fall

I added a pom pom using my pom pom maker to this hat.  I think it looks much better.  I sent it off to my aunt with the loom knit hat who is recovering from breast cancer.  I think she's going to need the coverage.  She was super excited to get my package. 

So with Halloween coming up there are some great sales on various items, namely this pet costume.  I couldn't resist especially being 60% off. He's super impressed as you can see.

We went back to the same park as last week to compare the changing of colours.
This pic below happened by accident but I thought it looks cool.

Hit some sales at the craft store this week. These lovely brown colours I want to knit a hat for my honey.  Nice masculine colours. 

I started another cowl using chunky yarn. Can there be too many projects on the go?

Um no.

Happy weekend all!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Projects Galore

Some weeks I have more to report than others.  It was a productive week.  Finished the blue knit hat for my cousins boy.  Used my new pom pom maker on it.  Finished this loom knit hat that I will be sending off to my aunt with the yellow stripped hat shown above as she only has 2 cm of hair grown back after her chemo and radiation treatments. I think I'll loom knit a matching scarf as well for her.

Here are a few of the pumpkins I had made for co-workers.  The wood carvings in the background my dad had made years ago.  I think I get my creativity from him.

Another project started, cowl. First time knitting completely in the round.
No turning the work to purl. 

I treated myself this week one day before work.  Chapters had such a selection of crafting magazine it was hard to choose from.  Since I've been hit with the knitting bug I got these two knitting mags below. Simply knitting came with a small pattern booklet and stitch markers.

Oh the choices.

New toys. 

What shall I make with this scrumptious yarn?

Last weekend honey and I went for a lovely fall nature walk.

This is one of my favourite times of year. Changing colours of the trees.  

Happy Weekend all!!!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

This and That

Another week flew by, work, car repairs, honey will be starting new job.  I've bee working on my knit hat.  Almost done here in the picture. I finished it last night and just needs a pom pom.

I made another pumpkin this week that I forgot to take a picture of.
I wore my lovely macrame items made by my bestie here.

So much yarn and project ideas, especially for winter and holidays, so little time.
Happy weekend all!
And Happy Thanksgiving to fellow Canadians!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Hello October

Another month gone and into the season I love.  Fall is a gorgeous time of year.  The best part is watching the trees change and of course cooler temperatures.  

I did finish my first knit hat last weekend. With a slight mistake, you may see below, I will chalk it up to experience.  I still have to add a pom pom of course.

This week I've been making little pumpkins.  I love this pattern as it gives the texture of the ridges in pumpkins skin.  Pattern is from Planet June. This next one I'm working on I'm using two shades of orange.  This is a great stash buster to use up orange for sure.

A co-worker had come back from China last week on his first visit there ever.
I told him I love Hello Kitty and he brought these items back.  Tin of yummy chocolates and this gumby like pot holder.  Arms bend to hold a towel etc.

Anyway, happy weekend all!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Conquer the Knit

Another long week flew by. Last weekend I started a knitting project.  I really want to master the knit as I believe I have with crochet.  I am just starting to decrease to finish off. I found a wonderful video You Tube to make a knit hat from Ruby Steadman.  I have found my preference for knitting is with circular bamboo needles. What is your preferred needles?

We've had gorgeous 60 degree weather here all week.  I went out for a few walks and spotted the first signs of fall. 

I am still working on my poncho.  Slowly but surely.  As it grows it's taking longer to complete a row and my attention starts to wonder. 

Poncho Progress

Happy Weekend all!!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Stash Busting

Last weekend I completed another border row on my crochet mood blanket. We'll see how many rows I will add.  Just going with the mood. LOL

I've also been working on this round ripple a bit.  Possible Christmas present/stash buster.

And I made a few Maybelle flowers, more stash busting.

Happy Weekend All!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Here Comes Fall

It's been a long week, especially with some extra hours at work.I still managed to work on the poncho as it is getting there. Additional yarnhad to be purchased and when I went to the store they had put it away as it is a summer season weight yarn.  But they did manage to pull out what they had and got another skein of each colour and an extra of the brown.  I have just been randomizing the strippingas I go.  It is just getting past my shoulders now.

The temperature dropped to the 60's this week.
I had to even cover up with another project to keep warm.

Yesterday was International Crochet Day.  What did you work on?

I don't drink coke or colas much but I was in the store yesterday 
and found my name on one of the bottles. Coke is doing the name
bottles currently and when I saw mine I had to grab one.

Happy weekend all!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Poncho Progress

Hope everyone had a great week.  It felt like a long week for me, working the holiday Monday
 and my first week on afternoon shift in years.  This week I have started a new project with the
new yarnI got last week.  It is a nice light weight yarn perfect for a garment.  I wanted
something to wear at work when it gets chilly.  I've always wanted to make a poncho,
so a poncho it is. This Cascade Ultra Prima Cotton is so soft. 

So what are you working on this weekend?

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Holiday Weekends

Another week gone by and I finally finished my little cushion. I used my neon Caron yarn
and you don't realize how neon they are until you have it outside. It's still cute and
super colorful. I used it at work yesterday and does the trick.

I could of used a wider stuffing pouch inside but I could always add to it.

I treated myself to some new yarn. Not a generic one either. Something I can
make a garment with.  I read about this type of yarn in my book series 
I've been reading. Cascade Yarn Ultra Prima. Of course I got too eager to 
unwind it and tangled it all up.  I spent my friday night detangling. 
For the other skein, I looked up on You Tube how to properly unwind to 
get it ready for my yarn winder. Learn by mistake I guess.

Last weekend I finished this section of my English Paper Piecing 

I'll end with a beautiful sunset we had this week. 

Happy Labour Day weekend to American and Canadian friends.
It's the iconic weekend where summer seems to end, but not officially.