Saturday, April 9, 2022

Into Spring 2022


Hope everyone is doing well.  After my last post I made another speckled knit hat except this time I followed the pattern more accurately and it came out the size I originally intended and adorned it with a fur pom pom.  The second is more a large adult sized hat the original being more teen sized.

And yet another random WIP knitting, simple knitting with stash I've had for a while.

My only Valentine's crochet attempt this year from Repeat Crafter Me's pattern.
Another stash busting project of squares.

Added a few more of these motifs to this project.  Feels good to get back into crochet
after a long bout of tendinitis.  This is using up the yarn left over from Attic 24's Dahlia blanket I made in 2020. 

After many starting attempts I'm finally into sock knitting currently working on the heal flap. 

Work has been extra stressful lately as we got cyber attacked. Still working from home with a bout back in the office for a week to get updated computer followed by a much needed week stay-cation.
I did get to more crafting including these little bunny cups, also from Repeat Crafter Me's pattern.

Made an Easter Mug Rug from The Seasoned Homemaker's pattern.  She used random pastel strips on the outer portions but I had this already Easter themed fabric to use. 

This staycation also fell during my birthday weekend and hubby and I went out to the county to some garden centers which is always relaxing. 

Kitties are doing well, my girl had a few more teeth out during my time off. She's had teeth out before as she is getting older but is recovering well.

And my boys are doing well also. 

Spring is always exciting, new growth and life.  Hubby's has started seeds, some inside under the grow lights and some cold weather crops in reused juice bottles outside.

We even got a random visitor in the back, wild turkey.

Take care all!

Sunday, January 30, 2022

2022 Already


It's been a while since I've blogged last.  Hope everyone had a good holiday season despite on going pandemic restrictions.  I love gnomes and had wanted to make some for Christmas. The first picture was the first one I made and was going to keep for myself until an aunt messaged she liked it and wanted to buy.  I agreed and she wanted 3 more to give for gives.  Then another person asked to make one for her daughter, the one with the black beard.  I still have yet to go and make one for myself but will get to it eventually now that I have the beard fur I wanted to use on mine.  They're so cute.  I even got some gnome ornaments and topper for our Christmas tree.

Back in the fall I did a painting, Halloween bunting and fall mug rug.

I made a crocheted hat for my brother with the O'go Caron Yarn. 

And for each holiday season I like to do puzzle.  This year's puzzle winter snowman.

I've also been knitting more as it's easier with on going tendinitis that I'm still going to physio for treatment.  It's starting to get a bit better. 

This is just a scarf I joined into an infinity scarf.  Knit 2 purl 2 and switch to opposite every two rows.

Finished my first fairisle style hat from Yarnspirations pattern Snow speckled knit hat.
Repeat Crafter Me made the crochet version of the pattern here. I'd like to try that eventually as well.

We've been missing the garden.  I made two pumpkin pies from our pumpkins last year.
Seeds are bought and ready.  We'll probably start some late March or April.
Kitties are doing well.

Keep warm, keep safe and carry on. 

Saturday, August 14, 2021

Blur of a year

I have gotten a bit out of habit in blogging.  I can't believe March was my last post.  Let's catch up.

Still working from home and have developed some tendinitius this year mostly from typing. I haven't 

done much crafting in a while.  Every once in a while I'll pick up some yarn and work on a un-finished

item sitting around.  I'm still painting here and there but not as frequent as in the winter months.

This years garden has been nice to enjoy.  Hubby does the majority of tending and I come along 

to harvest.  Late April we had unexpected snow but shortly after we started the garden 

outside.  Hubby had all seeds started inside under the grow lights.

Our small back yard.
This compares May planting to late June.  Tomatoes, peppers in bed and squash and pumpkin 
to grow up the mesh.  

We planted these sugar baby watermelons but they've stunted growth.  We think
some kind of bug may have gotten into the stem base as it just looks dry and dead.
I was so looking forward to trying these.

Pumpkin and squash in early July.

Tiny Tim tomatoes, tasty determinant variety.

Hubby planted these munchkin Sunflowers for me and they are so amazing 
in it's peak.  The bees loved them.

Cucumbers haven't done as well this year but we have tried a new variety, Marketmore
which are really good.

First zucchini which we ended up BBQ'd.

July we've been enjoying our harvests with lots of salads, beans and basil.

This was a uniquely blended cherry tomatoe.

And this plant has been an amazing polinator attractor.  Singing-the-Blues Salvia.

And many pollinators on the cosmos as well.  I think we grew a giant variety because now
this plant is nearly 10ft tall.

We have tons of sweet banana peppers and these bell peppers.

So many tomatoes.  I made sauce once already and will have to soon again.

Pumpkin is ready to be picked.  I got my first one last year and made a pie and it was the
best pumpkin pie ever.  Can't wait to make another with this.

I just picked this squash and will be cooking it up this weekend.

The garden bed jungle now.

Tower 'o Cosmos

And for my paintings in recent months.

I tried a Rose tutorial by Esther Peck from Instagram.  This was my first attempt.

And my second rose.

We've enjoyed spending time outside as much as possible when it's not scorching hot.
The kitties love sitting on back porch as well.  

Hope eveyone's summer is going well.  Stay safe.