Saturday, September 20, 2014

Stash Busting

Last weekend I completed another border row on my crochet mood blanket. We'll see how many rows I will add.  Just going with the mood. LOL

I've also been working on this round ripple a bit.  Possible Christmas present/stash buster.

And I made a few Maybelle flowers, more stash busting.

Happy Weekend All!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Here Comes Fall

It's been a long week, especially with some extra hours at work.I still managed to work on the poncho as it is getting there. Additional yarnhad to be purchased and when I went to the store they had put it away as it is a summer season weight yarn.  But they did manage to pull out what they had and got another skein of each colour and an extra of the brown.  I have just been randomizing the strippingas I go.  It is just getting past my shoulders now.

The temperature dropped to the 60's this week.
I had to even cover up with another project to keep warm.

Yesterday was International Crochet Day.  What did you work on?

I don't drink coke or colas much but I was in the store yesterday 
and found my name on one of the bottles. Coke is doing the name
bottles currently and when I saw mine I had to grab one.

Happy weekend all!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Poncho Progress

Hope everyone had a great week.  It felt like a long week for me, working the holiday Monday
 and my first week on afternoon shift in years.  This week I have started a new project with the
new yarnI got last week.  It is a nice light weight yarn perfect for a garment.  I wanted
something to wear at work when it gets chilly.  I've always wanted to make a poncho,
so a poncho it is. This Cascade Ultra Prima Cotton is so soft. 

So what are you working on this weekend?

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Holiday Weekends

Another week gone by and I finally finished my little cushion. I used my neon Caron yarn
and you don't realize how neon they are until you have it outside. It's still cute and
super colorful. I used it at work yesterday and does the trick.

I could of used a wider stuffing pouch inside but I could always add to it.

I treated myself to some new yarn. Not a generic one either. Something I can
make a garment with.  I read about this type of yarn in my book series 
I've been reading. Cascade Yarn Ultra Prima. Of course I got too eager to 
unwind it and tangled it all up.  I spent my friday night detangling. 
For the other skein, I looked up on You Tube how to properly unwind to 
get it ready for my yarn winder. Learn by mistake I guess.

Last weekend I finished this section of my English Paper Piecing 

I'll end with a beautiful sunset we had this week. 

Happy Labour Day weekend to American and Canadian friends.
It's the iconic weekend where summer seems to end, but not officially.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Granny Love

With the start of my new job, I'm finding I am sitting even more at my desk.  It's paperless so we do have the chance to walk to the fax machine as before.  So I decided I needed to make myself a nice
little cushion for the back.  So far, my grannies are made, joined and bordered.  Now I'm working on the back part. I'm quite happy with it so far.  I'm using my neon Caron yarn colours with black.

Next project may have to be a mouse wrist rest. 

Happy Weekend All!

Saturday, August 16, 2014


      I have started my new job and training is coming along.  I only have brought my crochet with me one day.  I was used to an hour lunch previously but here I only have a half an hour.   Not a lot of time left after you prepare your lunch and eat to crochet.  There is another crocheter at work that I have come across so far.  

     So far this is my works in progress. A few blankets, shawl and motifs.

Motif making.

I did this quick little sewing project up from Dog Under My Desk tutorial.
Super easy, super quick and super useful.

Have you heard of Lily Bloom bags?  They are super adorable.  I got myself one
recently from E-bay. I have seem the line in one store here but not a style I liked.   
They are Eco friendly as they are made of recycled plastic bottles.

The weather has been interesting around here lately.  Mid August, a lot of rain then
cooler spells.  Cooler I don't mind, mid-70's are perfect for me.

Me at a park.

Sky after a storm.

Anyway, have a good weekend all.  Keep Calm and Crochet On.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Small progress

This week I've worked on my blanket border.  I've managed to do 3 more rows, white and blue.
I'll keep going with a border until I'm happy with the size and colours.

This week I've just been doing a bit of this WIP a bit of that WIP, you know a few rows
here and there on whatever on the go.  Like my lovely ripple here:

I went for a lovely bike ride the other day.  I finally put my mini bunting on
my basket. I still have to finish my seat cover.  

Well happy weekend all.  It's a long holiday weekend here in Canada.

Saturday, July 26, 2014


I finished the baby blanket for my cousin's boy who just turned one.
I hope he'll enjoy using it. 

I decided to give my lunch bag a face lift. Covering up the writing on it,
and sport a super cute style. Perfect for the new job.

The week went by fast for being home all week.  With a few good bike rides 
and plenty of lazy relaxation. 

I finished a book I've been reading.  It's actually part of a series that maybe 
some of you crafter's may enjoy.  It's by Terri DuLong.  I finished Secrets On Cedar
Key.  An area in Florida.  Cedar Key Series.

I got some great blooms on my rose bushes this week

Happy Weekend All!!

Saturday, July 19, 2014


I hope everyone had a good week.  Mine started out alright. Went to work on Monday, 
my last week at my place of 7 years.  However, the day ended being asked to
leave early.  I had given my two week notice the week before as I had 
been offered a new job elsewhere.  I received the usually company excuse of
having a negative attitude and impact on the team etc. 
Nothing like being appreciated after seven years which was 
exactly why I had sought work elsewhere.
C'est la vie.

Anyway, it gave me an extra almost week off and I got to get back to
many crochet projects.  I had been given a bag of started baby blue 
granny squares a while back.  Well, with my cousin's baby 1st birthday 
next week I decided to use those and make a blanket for him.

This was one days progress, adding the grey
and joining with the white.

I had been making some flowers and got a canvas and painted the background a bit. 
Nothing fancy.  I just wanted to make a bit of crochet art work for my new desk.
I may add some more to it, birds or something.

I've been working on a v-stitch project which is going to be a shawl.
I love this Neapolitan yarn combination.  And from quite a while ago,
I had found these gumballs I had made and put aside.  So, I started to 
make them into the squares they were intended and join. 

I have been putting off making something for my bike. So I used some
scraps to make a small bunting for the basket.  Can't wait to put it on.
I still want to make a basket liner and finish my seat cover.
All week had been cooler but cloudy.  Thursday the sun had come out
and was a perfect day for a bike ride.

My rose bush has re-bloomed some new flowers

Have a super weekend all!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Bunting love

I started a stash busting project a few weeks ago for some bunting.  I came across this post from  A Fly the Coop Crafts. I used earth tone colours to go with my living room. I finished up yesterday.

As for that Crochet Mood Blanket.  It's been sitting in my craft bag,
however I pulled it out for a photo.  I've done 2 colour rows with 
the white drop down stitch in between.

I imagine I may have my border complete by Christmas for a gift. 

I'll have some time off for a few weeks before starting a new job.
I hope to get some more crochet done.  But somehow it always seems
to get put aside doing housework or other summer activities.
Most nice evenings are spent on the back deck.  Even the cat loves it.

He loves the sun.

Happy weekend all!!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Summer Fun

Happy weekend all. I've had this week off during the Canada Day and American 4th of July.
Honey and I went to Toronto and Niagara Falls area for a few days.
Of course a road trip meant I got to do some crochet.

I also started some bunting triangles this week.

And finished my starflower mandala.

Nice to finish a project.

And as for the trip.

CN Tower

 Distillery District restored in Toronto with shops and restaurants.

And we went to the Ripley's Aquarium

And Niagara. Always lots to do and see here.

Happy Weekend all!!