Saturday, May 24, 2014


This week, while on a lovely bike ride, I brought a crochet project with me in my bike basket.  Three quarters of the way I stopped to do some crochet and 
realized my favourite crochet hook (seen below) had bounced it's
way out of the basket.  My heart sank. I backed tracked the whole route
with no luck.  It's not that I cannot replace it but still... RIP 4.5MM

Have you ever lost your favourite crochet hook?

I've been working on the Starflower Mandala by Moogly
A bit of a stash buster.  I'm using my cottons for this.

This was the project I brought along on my bike.

I got a bell for my bike as well.  Pink of course.  I'm 
still working on my pink bicycle seat cover.  With the nice weather 
we've been having I'm had serious procrastination on crochet. That
or I'm losing some of my crochet mojo.   I know, never, but I guess
one needs to take a break to find it again.

Happy Weekend All!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Slow Progress

My mood blanket is coming along.  I decided it was only going to be lap blanket size so
I started on the border. I'll keep going with various colours used on the squares.   

And slow progress on my ripple.  I mainly keep this project in my car to work
on while waiting for anything or lunch break at work.

I signed up for this site, Influenster. Influenster is a community of trendsetters, social media masterminds, and educated consumers who live to give opinions of products and experiences.  This product was received for
complimentary testing purposes from Influenster.

So this kit was my first package to review.  It's a quick way to give yourself a manicure.
They are pre-glued and all you do is peel back the tab and press on your nails.
Of course your nails have to be clean and bare.  I have bigger hands however and found
there wasn't enough  bigger sizes to cover my thumbs fully. It's now day 2 wearing them and
they are supposed to last up to a week.

Anyway, have a great weekend all!!

Sunday, May 11, 2014


Happy Mother's Day weekend ladies!! The only crochet I've been managing of late is working on
the border of my squares blanket.  It's about baby/lap size.  I may just keep going with border to make
it a bit bigger. 
I received my second Cath Kidston item this week.  It's so cute.  I love this purse.
It goes with my coin purse as well.
This game here has been my distraction from crochet.
Well, more like addiction.  It's the tablet smartphone version
from the one on Facebook.
But another distraction is the gorgeous weather. We got some
flowers and rose bushes this year. Usually we don't do much
with gardens and flowers.  But it's a nice change.
Two rose bushes in our back yard.
And this rail planter for the deck with a nice assortment
of colour.  I especially love the Dahlia's in the middle.

Happy weekend everyone!