Sunday, November 6, 2011


So I recently finished a swap in Ravelry group Swap/One.  Anxiously I await what is due to come this week from my partner.  I had already sent my scarf out to another partner for the October Swap.  Signed up for the next one... Holiday Swap
Swap package received.  Thank you so much remydzs for the lovely fingerless gloves and cowl

I also was informed of this other swap from a friend.
Here’s the about:
Partner's name received, a fellow Canadian in BC. On my way to working on her gift.

I also have been working on another owl hat, by request of a co-worker who loves owls.  This one is going to be in neutral colors.

Just finished a Dahlia Flower from Bobwilson123 You Tube tutorial..

 I guess I should have used a more feminine color for the flower.  I just got this yarn color and it was the first thing I grabbed to try the tutorial. LOL


K @ Aurora Blythe said...

Sweet owl project! I am planning to make a similar hat for my niece for Christmas. Glad to have found your blog via ICrochet. I always love finding new crochet sites!

laydilyke said...

Oh thank you. I love the iCrochet site for find new blogs as well. Blog hopping can be addictive.