Sunday, December 4, 2011

Baby gifting and more

     So my friend's shower was yesterday and had been working on the Baby Ripple Blanket but I just couldn't get it done on time.  At first it was going to be in January but was moved to first weekend in December.  Anyway, I tried. Unfortunately I am a multi-tasker with ADD as I always say and tend to do other projects.  Here is the progress so far on the blanket.

I plan on doing a border once it's done to length. So I wanted to at least show up with something.  She knew about the blanket anyway.  So I whipped these up in a day & a half.  I got the pattern from Mamachee's blog.  Granny square baby booties.  
They were fairly easy to make.  Just have some buttons on hand.  And yesterday I also started for her a baby hat.  I was even still crocheting it at the Santa parade prior to going to the shower.
I also browse my favourite blogs and come across the flower shawls.  I started the Japanese flower shawl from Attic24 blog like last year.  Summer came and progress slowed as I knew it would be too warm to wear it.  I ended up crocheting flip flops.

But I will get to finish the shawl this winter, it's nearly there.  Just a bit longer.