Sunday, February 5, 2012

Coziness, yarn and the cat

My cat decided he wanted to cuddle in the bag I'm crocheting.  I might just have to make one for him as a cat bed. LOL  I did manage another few rows today even with him sitting in it for a while for his nap. I just can't seem to get this done fast enough for my liking.  Of course it would help if I focus more one fewer projects.

 I got a chance to fix up my favourite crochet hook with the tip from Teresa Richardson using gel pencil grips and pvc tubing.  This video linked she had used the first aid flexi tape to build up some thickness before putting on the gel grips. It is much more comfortable for the hand than a thin hook.  

 I did finish a WIP tonight however, the ruffle scarf.  One Skein of the Red Heart Sashay yarn produced this length of scarf, just enough to add something to any outfit or neckline. 

Then I came across another heart tutorial, again by Teresea Richardson. It makes a really cute, super easy heart that you can add different edging to it if you want. Here's mine.
   Finally, I got a sewing machine from a friend that was the first one she used when learning how to sew.  I've been wanting to get my hands on a working older machine, as I somewhat remember how to use, for a while now so I can sew in linings etc on my crochet pieces.  I got a chance to get familiar with it again and tried some practise stitches.  I did find the thread bunched (bird's nest they call it i guess) under the material. I read that you may have to play with tension or re-thread machine.  If any of you sewer's out there have suggestions please let me know.  It's a Singer 700 series machine.  
    Tomorrow's Sunday and it's quite late as I am posting this on Saturday night for me. I will try to get some decent sleep but on Monday I start a new shift at work and it's much earlier in the day than I've been used to. 

Happy Weekend!!


Gwen said...

The bag is looking good - even with the cat inside! I love the scarf.

hooksandyarns said...

I love your ruffle scarf. :)

becktovintage said...

Your scarf is so beautiful but your cat is more beautiful than the scarf:)) This time I could not take my cat with me. Now he is with my family. I am really lonely and missing my cat so much...

Stephanie B. said...

I don;t know how else to get hold of you but I don't really play online games. No time, really. Thanks though.