Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter to everone!  These are a few Easter items I whipped up last night to give to some family today.  It's been a gorgeous weekend so far.  Yesterday honey and I went out and about to some parks and along the river.  Here are some of the pics I captured.  This is in our city's Jackson Park or as they renamed Queen Elisabeth Gardens.

Not all the flowers were filled planted in the gardens as there is usually flowers in this plane shaped garden under these airplanes.  I believe one of them is a Spitfire.
There were two wedding parties that showed up while there to take their pictures.  One came in this lovely old converted limo.
Then went down along our river front that our city spent quite a bit on landscaping etc.  Across the river is the Ren Cen home to General Motors Headquarters in Detroit. 
And this is our Casino, Caesar's.
A building still left that was originally an old rail station.
And of course I had to snap some sunlight snaps of my Lucy bag and ripple.

Love Magnolia Trees.  I wish I had one in my yarn, someday.


becktovintage said...

This is a wonderful park with amazing flowers. Expecially magnolias.. I think It smells wonderful.. You are lucky. Happy Easter to you with your family and friends..