Thursday, June 28, 2012

Daisy Blanket

Well, I finished joining the last of the squares.  I even managed the first row around for the border.  I think I need to block the blanket as it seems a bit crooked.  I'll do a few more colours around and maybe a ruffly edge.

Anyway, it was damn hot today.  Just a short post today.

Oh, I just noticed.  I'm at 96 followers. Wow, never though I'd have even a handful of people following me.  I was thinking.  I'd like to do something nice for my followers.  Once I hit 100, I'm going to do a contest for a give away of some of my stash.  Honey found it last week.  More details to come after I hit 100.
Thanks for reading my blog all.


Astri said...

Lovely afghan, I love all the white! Hot here too!

Kara at Petals to Picots said...

Looks great!

Kate said...

Wonderful blanket! Great job!
It's hot here, too; I think it's hot everywhere right now.
I'll post a notice on my blog about your 100 follower giveaway.

byhooks4u said...

I just found you through another blog..I am always looking for fellow "hookers." So I just became your 47th follower..check out mine when you get a chance..

hooksandyarns said...

The blanket is looking very pretty - great work. :)