Sunday, June 17, 2012

Daisy Granny Blanket

I completed and joined another two rows this week.  I blocked my original 3 and found it did help flatten the joined areas.  I have 3 more rows of squares to go.  Then I will do a nice border.  The size of the completed blanket will probably be just a throw or baby blanket.  

It's Father's Day and for me just like any other.  I was going to go see mine, but he doesn't know who I am anyway.  He has Dimentia.  I just try to remember the good things from him over the years.  This is one of his carvings I have of his.  He got into that years back when he was working and falling asleep at his machine.  So, he started carving to keep him awake.  How he decided to do this particular thing, I do not know.  I do believe that is where I get my creative side from however.  Thank god for that, as well as inheriting his good work ethic.  Thanks Dad.