Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy crochet

So I finally got joining my daisy granny squares.  I was originally just going to join them as they were but after using the join as you going tutorial from Carina's Craft Blog and seen how nice the squares looked with the added white border, I added that to my mini squares and I think it looks good that way.

I treated myself Saturday and got my hair thinned out.  I have thick heavy hair and get so hot in the summer.  Afterwards I went to our market to pick up some veg and noticed the trade center area had been moved and went to check it out.  I picked up one of those floor baskety things that holds your yarn projects.  Not sure if there is a name for them. But they're good for beside your chair to work on your project. 

I had one from years ago, a tapestry material. This one caught my eye because of the bright cheery green. So this one is deemed the daisy square project holder.  I even talked the seller down a $1.  So after the market I hit a thrift store and found some goodies.  All for under $3.

And when I went out that day I took my African Flower Bag as I finally finished and attached the handles. Still some finishing touches of the drawstring and maybe buttons.

When at the market trade center I got to show it off to the ladies that I had made my bag. :)

And finally, I have a few more rows on the Ripple Blankets. Slowly but surely.
Have a good weekend everyone!