Friday, June 1, 2012

Mother Nature

Why can't mother nature co-ordinate her crying spells to not happen on weekends.  Especially weekends where you have an extra days off work and had plans.  Oh well. I did get some relief of good news for my efforts to help my parents this week.  A load lifted.  

I have been working on my mini daisy granny squares.  Now I'm thinking I'll be making them in the varied colours and then joining for a small blanket most likely.  Make a nice boarder for it.  

They work up really quick actually and easy to take with you. As for my other projects.  My last completed project is off to my friend. Still working on my ripple blanket.  Did end up with some new yarns this week, thanks to E-bay.  I really need to stay off that app.  

Anyway, Happy Weekend All!