Monday, August 6, 2012

Sunday Crochet

Sunday crochet is always the best.  Just working on whatever, trying out new stitches.  One being, broomstick lace.  I've been wanting to try for a while now and that light weight colourful yarn I thought would be perfect.  Well, maybe perfect in the light weightness of a finished product as it would be nice to wear.  But, not perfect in working with it and the small hook besides the large knitting needle.  Having big hands does not help this. Anyway, after watching a You Tube tutorial on the stitch, this is my two rows of Brookstick Lace.

I also made a nice flower granny square. It was fairly easy to make but I think I should of used a brighter yellow yarn for the center.
Then Saturday, we went to the Bicentennial of 1812 event that I had won the tickets to the concert.  We went during the day to see some of the re-enactments etc.  And then went back later that night for the concert performance. 

Quaint shop in town