Friday, August 10, 2012

Yet Another Project

No really, I don't have ADD.  Actually, I think I do but that's another story.  Or it's just being a woman where the world wants you in many different places at once that has made us like this. LOL  Anyway, had a few days excruciating jaw pain.  Went to clinic to make sure it wasn't an ear infection then next day so bad I went to ER next day to see if it's some nerve issues.  That was a waste of time, except for the crochet I got done while waiting.  They just said go to your dentist, it's probably TMJ, you don't say.  So I'm getting a bite guard.  Hopefully that will help.

Second picture without the colour enhancement filter.

    Now on to the crochet.  I started my first ever granny stripe.  At first I thought it looked like crap, but after getting first row done, then second, it started to fill in.  Awwww.  Then added second colour.  First time using, DK or Sport weight yarn.  I like it.  Lighter than the worsted, obviously.  Sometime worsted weights make a bit heavy of a blanket.  So I've had these colours for a while now, and alot of this off white colour so I endeavour to use it up.  Throw/baby blanket it will be.

    Let's see how much will get done this weekend.  Have a good one peeps!!!


becktovintage said...

Hi dear Stephanie, You are really hardworking..:)) You never stop.. And you are making beautiful crochet.. Ohh I miss crocheting here on holiday..
Best warm wishes..

Criossa said...

My sister and oldest daughter have TMJ I know the pain they have gone through. Hope your jaw gets to feeling better. As for your granny stripe. I love the colors so far :)

Stephanie B. said...

You sound like me, I finish something and immediately go to something else. I am currently testing a cute scarf pattern for someone on ravelry.