Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Days go by...

This is a rare day.  The last time we will see the same day, month and year in our lifetime.  At least it's not 13's. LOL
So I found this granny blanket in my parents attic. I vaguely remember using it as a teenage and forgot all about it.  I don't even remember who made it.  Pink and mint green centers (hard to see in the picture) So glad I found it. 
I got a new phone early for Christmas and had to test out the camera. I got a few better shots of my crochet X-mas tree. 
I've also been whipping up a bunch of snowflakes.  Mostly for quick small gifts and some for my tree.

Working on a loom hat for my dad.  Not that he'll be outside much.

And some progress made on my second Lucy bag I am making for another aunt. 

And another gift from my aunt's, order from Amazon. Looks really good, not just flowers etc but also borders and trims.
I've been down with sinus cold since last week.  It's just starting to clear up.  Hate being sick around the holidays.