Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Finally Over

I hope everyone had a good Christmas holiday.  I enjoyed the day making dinner and relaxing with my honey.  Only after being bummed out my immediate family could not be normal enough to share it with. I guess there are worse off people in the world and lord bless them that they may have received some sort of good go their way for the day.  Christmas Eve I watched the classic "It's a Wonderful Life"

Christmas day I got to relax, crochet and have cuddle time with the cats. Honey watched the basketball games on TV.  

I worked on knitting more of my scarf.

I pulled out a ceramic piece I didn't finish painting last year.  Have a bit more to do on it to finish. 

Got a phone cover for my new phone.

And my other cat seemed happy I was home. 

Now on to looking in to the new year. New projects, crochet-a-longs.  I have to stash bust these next few months.


Taci simmons said...

Cute scarf and fun Christmas decoration. Hope u find lots of cute things to use your stash. :)