Thursday, January 17, 2013

Frogging Friday

Well I was working on my 50 Shades of grey blanket and when as I was taking this picture I realized it was getting narrower. WTH? Somewhere I did notice I didn't have the 4 stitches up and the 4 down after high and low points.  Oh well, I guess I will frog it this weekend.  I did not get the full image in the picture, but it's starting to look more triangular. LOL
I started making some colourful things.  Using some of my ripple blanket yarn.

Granny triangles, probably for a bunting.

And a granny stripe scarf.

And for my resolution.  Weight watchers.  Not going to bad.  Walking on treadmill at work every lunch hour at least 20 min then 10 min on my last break.  Down a few pounds.  Not quick enough. LOL That's the thing with weight, doesn't take that long to put on the weight, but long pesky years to get it off.  
I am hoping the walking is getting my legs, knees and feet ready for the Alzheimer's walk for memories next weekend.  
This weekend looks like snow.  At least we are doing the walk in the mall.  Walking for cause and mall window shopping at the same time. Whoohoo.


GrannyTaughtMeToCrochet said...

This happened to me too ... you need to put two tr in the last st and then turn the work and start inbetween these two .... well at least that is what I learnt on my verticle blanket. But not so sure on the 50 shades ripple! x

Mrs. C said...

I have started and pulled out a ripple blanket THREE times in the past year! I start to do something wacky and the pattern gets messed up! I vow that I will trying until I get it right! Good luck! :)