Saturday, February 22, 2014

Come on Spring

This week I managed to crochet a few squares for my blanket but haven't joined them yet.  I'll photo op that when it looks bigger. LOL
I did however get into some sewing projects. I joined another hexie 
flower set.  I am still undecided what they will become. Blanket, pillow etc.

I popped by Fabricland to see what I could get in trouble with. 
Oh how lovely these fabrics look. I'd buy them all if I were rich. 

But I am not so, I picked out a fat quarter of material to start something with, matching bias and zip.  The shiny thread may just be used on the project
 in mind.  As well as the green ribbon.  
Later in the week after starting the project I went back for another 
fat quarter and a longer zip.

A sneak peak. 

As for my honey and the pain he had that we went to the 
hospital for a few weeks back.  It seems he has
diverticulitus. Something he'll have to control with diet,
increased fiber.  The joys of getting older.

Happy Weekend all!!