Saturday, May 24, 2014


This week, while on a lovely bike ride, I brought a crochet project with me in my bike basket.  Three quarters of the way I stopped to do some crochet and 
realized my favourite crochet hook (seen below) had bounced it's
way out of the basket.  My heart sank. I backed tracked the whole route
with no luck.  It's not that I cannot replace it but still... RIP 4.5MM

Have you ever lost your favourite crochet hook?

I've been working on the Starflower Mandala by Moogly
A bit of a stash buster.  I'm using my cottons for this.

This was the project I brought along on my bike.

I got a bell for my bike as well.  Pink of course.  I'm 
still working on my pink bicycle seat cover.  With the nice weather 
we've been having I'm had serious procrastination on crochet. That
or I'm losing some of my crochet mojo.   I know, never, but I guess
one needs to take a break to find it again.

Happy Weekend All!