Sunday, June 15, 2014

Summer Joys

Happy weekend all!  It was a long week. I managed to get a few more rows in on my mandala.  I think there is only a few more to go, borders. It's definitely going to need blocking.

I have finished another row on this WIP.  You know one of those projects you set aside. 
I was organizing my yarn bin and sat and finished the yellow row while down in my craft area.
It's been harder to focus on crafting, especially sewing when it's so nice out.  The super hot
weather is still to come, which I am not a fan of, so I've enjoyed the perfect 70-80 degree weather
while I can.  Sewing can be for rainy days. 

So I did something daring and decided to go shorter in hair style.  It's been over a decade 
I've had shoulder length or longer hair.  As men seem to prefer.  With hot weather, no
air conditioning in my car and when you're slightly over weight you tend to get hot
very easily, I decided to do a shorter do.

I forgot to share with you crocheters a fun t-shirt I came across
on the net that I had to order.  It's from Teespring

Last weekend we had a local festival that we went to.  I made a collage pic
from it.  It was again perfect weather for it as well. I got the little green owl
in top corner for my garden. 

And lastly, my rose bushes I planted a month ago have bloomed.  

Well have a wonderful weekend all!