Saturday, August 16, 2014


      I have started my new job and training is coming along.  I only have brought my crochet with me one day.  I was used to an hour lunch previously but here I only have a half an hour.   Not a lot of time left after you prepare your lunch and eat to crochet.  There is another crocheter at work that I have come across so far.  

     So far this is my works in progress. A few blankets, shawl and motifs.

Motif making.

I did this quick little sewing project up from Dog Under My Desk tutorial.
Super easy, super quick and super useful.

Have you heard of Lily Bloom bags?  They are super adorable.  I got myself one
recently from E-bay. I have seem the line in one store here but not a style I liked.   
They are Eco friendly as they are made of recycled plastic bottles.

The weather has been interesting around here lately.  Mid August, a lot of rain then
cooler spells.  Cooler I don't mind, mid-70's are perfect for me.

Me at a park.

Sky after a storm.

Anyway, have a good weekend all.  Keep Calm and Crochet On.