Saturday, August 30, 2014

Holiday Weekends

Another week gone by and I finally finished my little cushion. I used my neon Caron yarn
and you don't realize how neon they are until you have it outside. It's still cute and
super colorful. I used it at work yesterday and does the trick.

I could of used a wider stuffing pouch inside but I could always add to it.

I treated myself to some new yarn. Not a generic one either. Something I can
make a garment with.  I read about this type of yarn in my book series 
I've been reading. Cascade Yarn Ultra Prima. Of course I got too eager to 
unwind it and tangled it all up.  I spent my friday night detangling. 
For the other skein, I looked up on You Tube how to properly unwind to 
get it ready for my yarn winder. Learn by mistake I guess.

Last weekend I finished this section of my English Paper Piecing 

I'll end with a beautiful sunset we had this week. 

Happy Labour Day weekend to American and Canadian friends.
It's the iconic weekend where summer seems to end, but not officially.