Saturday, October 4, 2014

Hello October

Another month gone and into the season I love.  Fall is a gorgeous time of year.  The best part is watching the trees change and of course cooler temperatures.  

I did finish my first knit hat last weekend. With a slight mistake, you may see below, I will chalk it up to experience.  I still have to add a pom pom of course.

This week I've been making little pumpkins.  I love this pattern as it gives the texture of the ridges in pumpkins skin.  Pattern is from Planet June. This next one I'm working on I'm using two shades of orange.  This is a great stash buster to use up orange for sure.

A co-worker had come back from China last week on his first visit there ever.
I told him I love Hello Kitty and he brought these items back.  Tin of yummy chocolates and this gumby like pot holder.  Arms bend to hold a towel etc.

Anyway, happy weekend all!