Saturday, November 15, 2014

Countdown is on....

Why is it that the winter season and Christmas seems to approach at a steadfast pace.  There never seems to be enough time to plan your crafting projects for the winter and holiday season. I guess that is called procrastination.  I completed two owls for a co-workers order and loved them so much wants another owl and a owl mug warmer.  

I'm loving this yarn I got to make my honey's winter hat. I wanted to do a cable hat but had already started the ribbing edge and most patterns call for doing them in the round.  

I acquired this gorgeous chunky yarn at the local yarn store and found this easy pattern doing my first cable pattern in this scarf.  

Yesterday was the first glimpse of snow in my southern area of Canada. 

My honey and I got our Christmas present to each other early this year.  A smart TV. 
So far I'm loving it. I can You Tube on it and everything.

He ordered this vintage game from our childhood from Ebay.
We shall game this weekend.

So far for this weekend I shall be completing my order and relaxing after a stressful week.

Happy Weekend All!!!


Taci simmons said...

Love the color of the hat you are making... That is nice that you are already enjoying your Christmas gifts ...

Desiree said...

I love your projects, especially the winter hat!