Friday, December 26, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your families.  I'm sure most are glad it's over. 
However, for us crafters we're planning on what projects to carry over for next year.  I had a
nice quiet day with my honey.  Slept in late, relaxed, made dinner, ate, drank and watched movies. No gifts were exchanges as we had gotten the two main things a month ago, new TV and my new phone.  I am happy with that.  We have jobs, good health and had a great meal. What more can you ask for?  What did you do?

I sported my holiday nails I got from So Gloss Etsy store a bit ago.
They are easy to put on using your hair dryer to heat up, trim and press. They last a week or more depending on how hard you work your hands ;)

I finished my honey's knitted cap tonight.  It's tight fitting but he has a shaved head
so it's fine.  Next time I'll make one bigger. 

I've always loved the Starburst Granny Squares and with some new yarn colours I started making a few this week and joining them as I go.  What it will turn into shall yet be determined.  

Enjoy the rest of your holidays!!!


Desiree said...

Cute socks. Your nails are adorable!