Sunday, January 11, 2015

Progress Made

Happy weekend all!!  I haven't posted in a bit.  Have a bit of a cold at the moment.
I guess that's the joys of winter.  But I have made some progress on various projects.  I always wanted to make some of these starburst granny squares and with some recently acquired pastel colours I thought I'd try it out.  This is now blocking to lay flat.  I think I will add more to the border. Then I will start the backing of this cushion cover with a striped crochet in these colours.

I finished knitting this cowl scarf. It covers the shoulders nicely to keep warm. Through the holidays I had picked up this fuzzy type yarn. I thought it would be perfect to finish off the top and bottom of this. I may have to block the bottom of this however as it's tending to curl up.

And for my chunky cable scarf, it is finished.  Super warm.  I used up the whole ball of yarn I got. The only thing I'm not keen on it that the mixed colouring doesn't show the cable design. 
Chalk that up to lesson learned. So I took a picture a bit closer up to show the cable.

I finally got the first book in this series as I had the second one.  Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs.  My aunt has started reading it and tells me it is very good. There's something cozy about reading novels that include the hobby you love. 

Well have a lovely weekend all. Keep warm.


Unknown said...

Love The Friday Night Knitting Club. I have read them. Loved seeing them on your blog and I love your cushion.

Beca said...

Hope you get over your cold soon. Your projects are coming along nicely!
xx Beca