Sunday, March 8, 2015

This and That

Not much in the crafting department this week.  I did a bit of knitting here yesterday.
Work has been busy and is only going to get more busy to come. 

What I have been doing to keep calm and sane is my new addiction.

I'm on Season 4 now.  I even saw a PBS documentary about the Highclere Castle that the show is filmed in, so beautiful.

It's been really cold here in Ontario this month with freezing rain earlier in the week that has left snowy fields iced over.  I had to get some pictures.

And to leave on a note to make you smile.  My cat.

Gotta love the fisheye filter.

Happy weekend all.


Unknown said...

Cute kitty, stay warm! I follow on Bloglovin. I enjoy it when you have a new post. Thanks for sharing!