Sunday, June 28, 2015

Taking It Easy

I haven't been crocheting much in the last few weeks.  After doing the poncho my elbow and shoulder have been bothering me.  I hate the my hobby is impeded by my achy body. I've only made a rows progress on my #Sophiesuniverse project. I had a request from a co-worker to make them a bolero.  I started it last night.  I'll have to take it easy.

I did make up some quick Ninja masks for my friends boys.  I hope they like them.  

I've been marathon re-watching Sex and the City and noticed Carrier wore crochet.  Woohoo.  

We had our yearly fireworks event here last week.  It's supposed to be for Canada and the US 4th of July but they have them so early.  Due to the weather they had to start them a bit early in day light.  But this shot it wasn't too bad.  I'll never stop loving fireworks.



Anonymous said...

Nice masks! I also love it when I notice crochet on tv or in real life!
I hope you will be feeling better soon, take care, Sigrid