Sunday, June 7, 2015

Time Heals

I started yet another project this week. A co-worker got me some new yarn, the taupe colour, and of course the wheels in the head start to go on what to use it for and with.  I had the light beige and green so I thought they would all go together nicely.  I browse my favourited crochet videos on You Tube and start this Waves Ponch by BobWilson123.

It's coming on 3 weeks since I've lost my Baby cat Marma.  I had this shadow box that I had a bit of crochet in it but knew now that it had a new purpose.  I was waiting for the scrap paper for the background.  Same as I used in another passed pet. I found the wooden letters at Michael's for his name, his favourite mouse in there and a lock of his fur. I added the crochet flower as he loved my crochet, cuddling in it. It still hurts and miss his presence everyday.  Even the other two cats have noticed something missing.

And two up close pics.

I came upstairs one day and these two were sleeping together. I have never seen these two do that. Keegan on the left had been with Marma the longest.  He's 13 years old and Tigger is 6.

I found this old puzzle of mine while cleaning out old stuff. I thought I'd give it a whirl to occupy some time and keep the brain active.  It took me 3 days.  

Happy weekend all!!


Kate said...

Lovely new start; I'm glad the crocheting is helping. And what a sweet memorial to your furbaby. Give Keegan and Tigger extra pats and hugs. Hang in there.