Sunday, August 30, 2015

Poncho Finished

I finally finished my poncho.  I was going to make it longer but I ran out of the brown which I just had enough to do a single crochet round to finish it off.  And to get the edges to lay flat I just got a new iron with steaming ability and steamed the edges over a towel.

I'm slowing getting my crochet mojo back.  Maybe it's just a summer thing when we get too busy.

 I've been busy getting my new feline friend accustomed to our home.
After Marma passed it left a void of a cuddly companion.  I do still have my other two cats but their not the cuddling kind.  We had been visiting the local Humane Society for about a month on the weekends.   There were a few contenders but I came to love this gorgeous girl.

She officially got her name tag, Pippa. I thinks she's feeling quite at home.

And the others are getting used to her.  She's a very vocal girl with a weird meow but we love her all the same.  

Happy weekend all!!!


Anonymous said...

Pippa is beautiful!!! So funny about her weird meow :-)
I understand that you need a cuddling cat, I 've got 4 cats and they all have a different character.
The ponco is also very nice! You can always add fringes in white when you want it longer?