Sunday, November 29, 2015

Counting Down

I am nearly finished the scarf I'm making for my winter coat.   A bit longer with some tastles.
I finished the crocheted tree.  Now to decorate. 

And still working on this basic knitting piece.  It probably will just be a pet blanket.

There's nothing more warming than seeing the Santa Village at the mall.
Well that and some cozy lounge wear.  

I started decorating the house with all the Christmas decorations.  And may even do up the tree this year as it's Pippa's first Christmas with us.
That said it's also our first Christmas without our Marma cat. 
I got my Charlie Brown tree out this year again.

Happy Weekend all!!


Anonymous said...

Your decoration looks good!
And nothing wrong with pet blankets ;-)
I've just put my old crocheted poncho in a box for the homeless cat who seeks shelter in our shed.
It's just that I have already 4 cats, otherwise I kept him myself.
Now I'm looking for a new home for him.
I'm sorry for this rattling, I just wanted to say that I enjoyed your blogpost!
Have a nice day, Sigrid

linda said...

I love your scarf it looks cosy and warm, the tree is lovely thank you for linking it to the stash link up, I hope you will again once it's decorated, have a great weekend. :)