Saturday, January 23, 2016

New Addition

I finished the Fox Cowl for my nephew.  This one worked up more quickly than the one for my cousin.  Of course being for a smaller person means less yarn.  I am waiting for my cousin to get a picture of him wearing it.  

So for months the hubby and I have been feeding a stray cat around the house, young orange tabby.
Lately he has been sitting outside on the ground enticing him to get closer and a few weeks ago even petted him.  So last Saturday he managed to grab him and bring him indoors.  We kept him in a cage in the garage that night with a heater.  It just so happened that last week was getting bitterly cold for this area.  We were relieved to catch him before the cold snap and didn't have to worry if he was warm somewhere.  We brought him to the Humane Society in as a stray but told them we wanted to adopt him.  They keep them for minimum 3 days to see if anyway claims a missing cat.  He didn't have a microchip in him so that was a good sign.  They said they work with them to see if they'll be adoptable.  A few days later they reported that he wasn't, he didn't want anything to do with them. Of which I found strange because the next morning after we caught him we were petting him and he loved it.  I don't think he was ever petted before.  He is still skiddish and flinches at loud noises etc.  While at the Humane Society he did get neutered, vaccine, flea/dewormed treatment, micro chipped and ear tipped.  I guess since we were keeping him he didn't have to get the ear tipping, they assumed he would go back outdoors.  They do that for stray cats so when people outside see a stray they know it's been neutered. 

We're still keeping him separate from the other cats for a while.  He will probably take longer to get used to being around us and indoors. 

Here's a little video of him.

Happy weekend all!!!