Sunday, June 4, 2017


Got together last week with an old co-worker for a stitch and bitch.  It was nice catching up and getting the chance to just sit and crochet.  I made more progress on my star ripple blanket getting to add the skein of Caron Cake Buttercream I had to purchase off Ebay.

Just a small clip of my crocheting.

A local yarn and sew shop closed up yesterday in our city and they had 75% off.
I picked up both of these Cascade Sunseekers yarns for $5. They should make a nice light scarf as they have a bit of sparkle in it.

I've been riding my bicycle avidly these last few years and with going to the gym regularly for over a year now I have found that pedaling up hills and such are much easier than they used to be.  I've developed my leg strength from weight training and the knee pain I used to have has dissipated.

A month or so ago on Facebook I saw and advert for a bicycle challenge.  I thought why not join, get some more purpose to my cycling.  It's called  the Great Cycle Challenge - Canada/USA/Australia.
It raises money for the Sick Kids Foundation - Kids fighting cancer.  It's for the whole month of June.
My original money goal was a few hundred dollars, then I bumped it up to $500. And my kilometer goal at first was 50, but then I realized when I go for my usual hour long bike rides i'm clocking 10+ kilometers so I raised my goal to 75.  On my first day ride of the month I went for just over an hour and rode 18 km and 10 the next day.  So, again I bumped up my goal of 100 kilometers.  I've now raised $565 for this foundation.  

Summer has kicked off with festival season.  This weekend was Ribfest and Art in the Park.

And ended a Saturday evening by a fire.

Happy Weekend all!!  Keep Calm and Move On !!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, great about the bicycle challenge! Good job!!
And I really like your star ripple blanket too!
Have a great day, Sigrid