Friday, October 6, 2017

Unexpected Turns

Happy fall.  These are my few projects I've done recently for fall.


I've done a bit of knitting here and there.

Honey and I went on a day trip to an Antique/Flea market place.  We only had 2 hours to browse and when they announced they were closing, there still was another floor to see.

I got a doily and a vintage Vernor's pop bottle.  Vernors was a ginger ale produced in Detroit.

 And a few pics of the kitties.  

And on a sad note, my father passed away on Monday after almost 10 years with Alzheimer's / Dimentia.  There were trying times in the early stages trying to help my parent's who didn't want help or refused to believe there was anything wrong. My mother had a stroke during the early stages of his Alzheimer's so she wasn't able to pick up on the signs. 
It's sad to see your parent deteriorate both physically and mentally. I know he wouldn't have 
wanted to live like that and was a good thing it happened fairly quickly at the end. 
I know he's at peace now.

RIP Daddy.